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Gite la Passerelle
Telefon: +33 0 563831175
Mobil : +33 0 682779267

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Dům-Gite Marzens Gite la passerelle

Pour une description complète en français, cliquez sur la langue française. La passerelle welcomes you to the charming

  • 5 x Místnosti
  • 1 x Obývací pokoj
  • 1 x Kuchyň
  • 1 x Vana & WC
  • 2 x Pouze WC
NázevGite la passerelle Terasa Terasa
Trávník Trávník
Bez výhledu Bez výhledu
Na samotě Na samotě
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Druh objektuDům-Gite
Místo FR-81500 Marzens
Midi-Pyrénées - Francie

Obsazení1-14 Počet osob
Minimální délka pobytu2 Dny
PříjezdSo, Ne, Po, Út, St, Čt, Pá

Stavba roku1706
Obývací pokoj180 m²
Zahrada1500 m²

Popis Dům-Gite Marzens

Pour une description complète en français, cliquez sur la langue française.

La passerelle welcomes you to the charming setting of a maison de maitre
A self catering cottage which houses up to 10 people, la Passerelle is classed as 3 epis by the national association gites de france.
Restored by an architect, the lodging has kept all the character and charm of the Midi-Pyrenees region, while offering an important comfort.
A large open living space on the ground floor for all to be together in the dining room, living room, kitchen and entrance.
The 3 entrance doors give on a terrace and a garden, planted and gardened.

Wood, stone and lime, all natural materials. All photos on our website.

The lodging received the commission Tourism and Handicap for :
* physically disabled people
* blind or visually impaired people
* deaf or hearing impaired people
* mental impaired people
The ground floor is entirely accessible, the first floor also, only the staircases can be an obstacle for certain handicaps.
We thought the architecture and the equipment to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant we could, so that you can fully benefit from your days.
You have at your disposal many facilities for your stay, of which you will be able to find all the details on our site.

We live on the other side of this Maison de maitre, so we are at your service to accomodate you and perfect your stay.

In the heart of the countryside, you will benefit from the enchantering calm of the raised park, the pond and the birds.
A ballade on the Roman way (2km) by foot or bicycle, a small trip to the lake (10 km), one morning at Lavaur's the market (Wednesday and Saturday mornings), one day in Toulouse or at the swimming pool in Lautrec, the landscape garden of Martels (10 km).
At only 40 minutes of Toulouse, Castres or Albi, and 1 hour Carcassonne, the area abounds with thousand places to visit, relax, or sports to be discovered.
The inside of the gite covers roughly 2000 square feet.
The gite has its own grounds covering approximately 1800 square yard of land attached exclusively to the gite, in the middle of a raised park of 1 hectare.

The swimming pool has been done in 2009.
It is an landscaped swimming pool of 11 meters on 8, with several levels of water, a baby pool, a relaxing space (balneo) and probably a slide for this summer.
The borders are in shape of rocks.
A space for hamacs under the trees, a litlle table in the shadow, and many other pleasant installations...
The plantations around are growing, thyme, lavender and rosemary ...

Just like our cottage, the swimming pool is accessible to the handicapped persons.
There is a gentle slope with area for wheelchair return, a relaxing area and 3 levels of water.

The lodging has 5 bedrooms, of which one on the ground floor.
All the bedrooms are equipped with 2 single beds of 90X190 twinable by special hooks, with 2 night tables, 2 bedside lamps and 1 cupboard.
All the switches are available at the entrance and at the head of bed.
The beds are set on arrival and the bathroom linen is provided. The bed linen is recent and of good quality.
For each bed, you have mattress protection, quilt, cover, 2 pillows and linen, bath towel, hand towel and glove.
Two beds are equipped with comfortable foam mattress, a big sofa bed and 2 baby beds are also available, as well as all you need for the babies.

On the ground floor, the ensuite bedroom has a large "à l'italienne" shower space (1.50 meter), a wash basin and a seat, accessible with wheelchair.
On the first floor, one ensuite bedroom has a shower space and a wooden wash stand with wash basin.
The bathroom on the first floor is equipped with a bath-tub and a wooden wash stand with double basin.
All the bathroom and facilities are equipped with mats and grab bars.

The kitchen is very well equipped: 90 cm width steal cooker, extractor hood, microwave, dish washer, coffee machine, electric kettle, large refrigerator, freezer, culinary robot, and many accessories of kitchen.
Dinnerware is homogeneous and in double (20 complete forks and knives, 40 glasses, tablecloths, cloths).
The two dining tables for the lunch can be separated according to your wish, with 12 chairs.
The living room is comfortable with its roomy and flexible settees.
Télévison, dvd-mp3 reader, computer with free access to Internet, hifi, telephone, books and games.
For outside, brumisator, straw mattresses, hammocks, trampoline, balls and table-tennis table will let you play and rest.

The prices are meant all fees included (except telephone consumption).
We do not charge any extra consumption for water or electricity.
We offer you a neat household before your arrival and after your departure.
The central heating (with fuel) is included in cold season, wood for the chimney is free.
Beds are set on arrival and towels are provided for 10 persons.
A down payment of 25 percent of the hiring amount is requested at reservation. A guarantee of 300 euros is required.
Last minute promotion (please refer to our website for periods and prices)

The lodging is open all the year.
The hirings for the week have priority on the hirings for weekends.
Arrival and departure can be any day of the week, apart during the french holiday school periods (Saturday only).
Any hour of arrival, we are just a step from there.

Vybavení - Dům-Gite Marzens

Obývací pokoj 150 m², Jídelní kout, Krb, Dlaždice, Možnost vaření, TV
Ložnice 116 m², 2 Samostatná lůžka, 2 Postýlky pro novorozence, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Ložnice 216 m², 2 Samostatná lůžka, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Ložnice 312 m², 2 Samostatná lůžka, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Ložnice 412 m², 2 Samostatná lůžka, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Ložnice 512 m², 2 Samostatná lůžka, 2 Postýlky pro novorozence, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Ložnice 650 m², 1 Dvoulůžka, 2 Samostatná lůžka, Svítilna/světlo pro čtení, Noční stolek, Zatemňovací
Kuchyň 125 m², Vestavěná kuchyňská linka, Americká kuchuně, Plynový sporák, Pečicí trouba, Odsavač par, Lednička, Mrazicí box, Pračka, Mikrovlnná trouba , Kávovar, Espresso, Opékač topinek, Kuchyňské a stolní nádobí k dispozici
Vana & WC 17 m², Koupací vana, Umyvadlo, Denní světlo, Zrcátka
Vana & WC 23 m², Sprchový kout, Umyvadlo, Denní světlo, Zrcátka
Vana & WC 34 m², Sprchový kout, Umyvadlo, Denní světlo, Zrcátka
Vana & WC 43 m², pouze WC
Vana & WC 54 m², pouze WC, Zrcátka
Možnosti parkováníSoukromé parkoviště na pozemku

Ceny & Způsoby placení

TermínNocTýdenMěsícDruh období
01. Říjen - 17. Říjen 2.625 Kč17.963 Kč --- Vedlejší sezóna
18. Říjen - 31. Říjen 3.372 Kč23.491 Kč --- Vedlejší sezóna
01. Listopad - 19. Prosinec 2.625 Kč17.963 Kč --- Vedlejší sezóna
19. Prosinec - 04. Leden 4.698 Kč33.163 Kč --- Mimo sezónu
05. Leden - 03. Duben 2.625 Kč18.516 Kč --- Vedlejší sezóna
04. Duben - 03. Červenec 3.455 Kč24.320 Kč ---
04. Červenec - 28. Srpen ---52.508 Kč ---
29. Srpen - 25. Září 3.455 Kč24.320 Kč ---
26. Září - 16. Říjen 2.625 Kč18.516 Kč ---
17. Říjen - 30. Říjen 3.455 Kč24.320 Kč ---
31. Říjen - 18. Prosinec 2.625 Kč18.516 Kč ---

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    Servisní práce

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    Kalendář obsazení

    Okolí & Volný čas

    Dálnice „Lavaur Toulouse Albi” 10 km
    Letiště „Toulouse” 45 km
    Letiště „Castres” 45 km
    Letiště „Carcassonne” 90 km
    Automobil z půjčovny „Lavaur” 7 km


    Pronájem golfu „Golf de Fiac” 7 km


    Jezero „Viviers les Lavaur” 10 km
    Město „Lavaur” 7 km
    Město „Albi” 45 km
    Město „Castres” 35 km
    Město „Toulouse” 42 km
    Pokoj-Pension Giroussens Vacances toute l année
    Dům-Gite Montredon-Labessonnié LA FENIAL
    La ferme de Costes-Auries
    Les passiflores