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Hr. Max Israel
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+66 053 496239
Mobil: +66 083 1567743
Fax: 053 496239
Kontaktpersonen taler følgende sprog: Tysk, Hollandsk, Engelsk

Kontakttidspunkter (Lokal tid)

2,7 km · Doi Saket, Chiang mai
Feriehus Doi Saket, Chiang mai Traditional Thai Teakwoo
Doi Saket, Chiang mai

Traditional Thai Teakwoodhouse Doi Saket Feriehus

  • 3 x Soveværelse
  • 1 x Stue
  • 1 x Køkken
  • 3 x Bad & Toilet
BetegnelseTraditional Thai Teakwoodhouse Aktiv Ferie Aktiv Ferie
Terrasse Terrasse
Veranda Veranda
Græsplæne Græsplæne
Ugenert Ugenert
Indhegnet Indhegnet
Fritstående Fritstående
Natur Natur
Ikke-ryger Ikke-ryger
Børnevenlig Børnevenlig
Beliggenhed TH-50220 Doi Saket
NORD - Thailand

Rådighed1-6 Mennesker
Minimumophold3 Dage
AnkomstLø, Sø, Ma, Ti, On, To, Fr

Stue126 m²
Have2500 m²

Indretning - Feriehus Doi Saket

Stue 120 m², Spisekrog, Fliser
Soveværelse 132 m², 1 Dobbeltsenge, TV, Læselampe/-lys, Sengebord
Soveværelse 226 m², 1 Dobbeltsenge, TV, Læselampe/-lys, Sengebord
Soveværelse 316 m², 2 Enkeltmandssenge, Sengebord, Ventilator
Køkken 120 m², 8 Siddepladser, Indbygningskøkken, Gaskomfur, Køleskab, Fryser, Mikroovn, Kaffemaskine, Espressomaskine, Toastmaskine, Køkkenudstyr og -service til rådighed
Bad & Toilet 14 m², Brusekabine, Vaskekumme, Kun toilet, Sollys, Spejle
Bad & Toilet 24 m², Brusekabine, Vaskekumme, Kun toilet, Sollys, Spejle
Bad & Toilet 34 m², Brusekabine, Vaskekumme, Bidet, Kun toilet, Sollys, Spejle
ParkeringsmulighedPrivat parkeringsplads på ejendommen, Offentlig parkeringsplads

Priser & Betalingsmåder

16. August - 10. December 485 dkr.2.052 dkr. 6.528 dkr. Mellemsæson
11. December - 31. Januar 597 dkr.2.611 dkr. 7.453 dkr. Højsæson
01. Februar - 12. December 485 dkr.2.052 dkr. 6.528 dkr.
12. December - 31. December 597 dkr.2.611 dkr. 7.453 dkr.


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  • Forudbetaling med 25% Indbetaling
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    • 1 Morgenmad = 22 dkr.
    • Tjenestepige = 22 dkr. Pro Tag
    • Indkøbsservice Indkøbsservice
    • 1 x Rengøring = 37 dkr.
    • 1 x Transfer = 60 dkr.


    Togstation12 km
    Chiang Mai Central
    Bus12 km
    Arcade Chiangmai
    Lufthavn24 km
    Chiang Mai International
    Restaurant0 km
    Bualuang Teracce
    Cykeludlejning0 km
    Fiskeri16 km
    Bosnag fishing park
    By0 km
    Thaise woongemeenschap

    1 Anmeldelser - Feriehus Doi Saket

    ø 4,67/5.0 →

    15.09.2009 - Dennis Brown (Australien, Adelaide)

    Ankomst Marts 2009
    Indretning Excellent
    Renlighed Godt
    Service Godt
    Beliggenhed, Omgivelser Excellent
    Fritid Excellent
    Pris Excellent

    My stay at the resort.

    Sprog What can I say? Not a lot without going on about the REAL family atmosphere at the resort.

    To begin with, the reception at the Airport was above that normally experienced. We have travelled the world and have never been received into a country as well. Max met us at the Airport and being guided by him we went to what can only be described as a perfect Car Hire Company. Nothing was too much.

    It may appear at this stage that we are being paid to expound the virtues of this company, but we are not. Even the big companies have a lot to learn about the Garden Resort and really should take on board their ethics for promotion.

    The Chalets are perfect as well as the setting. The staff, albeit small, bend over backwards to ensure that your stay at the Garden resort is perfect.

    My wife and I like to look after ourselves and cook all the time. Although the Chalets are not geared for this, utensils and other essentials were made available within 30 minutes of our arrival.

    The accommodation is clean and serviceable. (I really enjoyed sitting on the back porch looking at all of the wild life in the area).

    The garden resort is out of town and is in what I would call a prime location for those that do not like to be confined to the big towns. It has all of the requirements of a big resort, but in a local rural situation. Just right to experience the REAL Thailand.

    During our stay, Max and his wife ensured that we had everything that we required. Our only regret that there is so much to do in the area that we were unable to have an evening with them. They are such a lovely couple that we were sad at not being able to do this.

    The Garden resort has room to expand, which I expect it will do when the time and finances are right. However, with Max at the helm, I would expect that the expansion will not be at the expense of the real family atmosphere that exists at the centre now. Ann and I have discussed this at length and have agreed that out of all the places that we have been, The Garden Resort in Chiang Mai is the only place that we happy to re-visit very soon.

    To finish, you could spend a long time, and a great deal of money trying to find the REAL Thailand, but believe me, The Garden Resort is the best that I have found and will certainly be going back. You can email me at the following address for a real insight to a wonderful resort.

    Ann and Dennis Brown
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