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Regionen Castellabate

Santa Maria di Castellabate

Ferienhaus Lago di S M Castellabate salerno Villa TUFI

CASTELLABATE IN HISTORY - Although Homer mentions it first to the coasts of present Castellabate, the history of this area is

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BezeichnungVilla TUFI Direkt am Wasser/Meer Direkt am Wasser/Meer
Terrasse Terrasse
Veranda Veranda
Keine Einsicht Keine Einsicht
Umzäunt Umzäunt
Freistehend Freistehend
Natur Natur
Haustiere erlaubt Haustiere erlaubt
Kinderfreundlich Kinderfreundlich
Ort it-84072 Lago di S M Castellabate salerno
Kampanien - Italien

Belegung1-6 Personen
Mindestaufenthalt7 Tage
AnkunftSa, So, Mo, Di, Mi, Do, Fr

Wohnraum70 m²
Garten300 m²

Beschreibung Ferienhaus Lago di S M Castellabate salerno

CASTELLABATE IN HISTORY - Although Homer mentions it first to the coasts of present Castellabate, the history of this area is mainly linked to St. Costabile Gentilcore, IV abbot of the Trinity of Cava de 'Tirreni. In the same year when he was elevated to the dignity of abbot, he began the construction of the Castle of the Angel (10 October 1123), who later called to him, gave rise to the name of the village: Castrum Abbatis, the Castle the abbot, castle ABB, Castellabate.
Abbey Costabile was brief. He died, in fact, 17 February 1124. His successor, Abbot Simeon, completed the construction of the manor and always helps the people. Over time, Castellabate became the most important barony of Cilento.
But proceed rapidly until it reaches 1800, with this page comes from a volume the historian Peter Ebner. "In 1553, the court directed the well-known jurist sold Castellabate Arrow Marino, who years later he sold the goods procured Carlo Caracciolo. Castle and then went to the family farm and this Loffredo Filomarini the accounts of Rocca d'Aspide). In 1619 he was asked to consent to the sale dell'erbaggio the trust throughout the castle dell'Abbate made by Francesco Matarazzo, son and heir of Alexander and Thomas Filomarino of the fortress. The feud then passed to the family of the Counts of Conversano Acquaviva. Later the family moved ... ... granite in the '700 possessed with the title of Marquis, obtained November 29, 1745. The feud with Omignano of nautical books and other jurisdictions on the lands of Rocca Cilento, Montecorice, S. Maria a Mare, and S. Rutino Lorenzo then passed by inheritance (20 July 1767) by Paris, son Angelo and his son Louis this ... Not having had the title passed to the descendants of his brother Joachim's second ... and then to his son, Angelo (No. 21 October 1782 m. June 29, 1861). The latter married the noble Pauline Pignatelli, Princess of Belmonte, ... they had Joachim (2 November 1849) that by April 3, 1887 letters patent was granted permission to take ... the titles of Prince of Belmonte ... ". [...]
Slowly recovered after the relationship with the sea, many residents of Castellabate took to fishing. A bit 'at a time the economy of the place, mostly agricultural, went transformations in the late nineteenth century, fishing - has become a major source of income - are also other activities. "The reference must necessarily be granted to the tertiary sector, which brought in marine shipbuilding Castellabate birth ... and, not least of conservation and distribution in the domestic market of the fish sausage and sottosale.

THE Cilento National Park - Headquarters of the Second National Park by extension Italy (178,172 hectares protected - DL No. 394 of 6.12.1991), Mab-Unesco Biosphere Reserve of UNESCO World Heritage, home of one of the oldest medical schools and one of the oldest and most important schools of thought (Elea - Parmenides and Zeno, the fifth century BC), native of the Mediterranean diet (rediscovered and appreciated by Ancel Keys centenary American scholar, inventor of the famous Kappa ration). The Cilento has, therefore, a prestigious noble ancestry and present (mostly yet to be discovered), founded mainly on the many environmental wealth (one of the largest beech forests in Europe, the largest colony of otters in Italy, etc.). . The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano (whose headquarters are in Vallo della Lucania) extends from Agropoli-Castellabate (North) Scario (south) and inward until Teggiano. To the west is about 100 km of coastline - mostly rock - bathed in clear blue sea for years at various locations ensures the European Blue Flag and the Five Sails (among these the marine Castellabate, Agropoli and inches). The peaks of Cilento came in to graze the 2,000 meters and are rich in vegetation (there are around 2,000 floral species identified so far) and specimens of fauna species very rare (they are often spotted wolf, wild cat, black woodpecker and golden eagle).

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Ausstattung - Ferienhaus Lago di S M Castellabate salerno

Wohnraum 120 m², Bett, Essecke
Schlafzimmer 120 m², 2 Doppelbetten, 1 Einzelbetten, 1 Kinderbetten, Fernseher, Leselampe/-licht, Nachttisch, Abdunkelbar
Schlafzimmer 2Fernseher, Nachttisch
Küche 19 m², 1 Kochplatten, Gasherd, Backofen, Kühlschrank, Tiefkühlschrank, Kaffemaschine, Geschirr vorhanden
Bad & WC 112 m², Duschkabine, Bidet, nur WC, Tageslicht
ParkmöglichkeitenPrivatparkplatz auf Grundstück

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18. September - 20. Dezember ---400 € --- Last-Minute Angebot
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28. August - 17. September ---650 € --- Last-Minute Angebot
18. September - 20. Dezember ---400 € --- Last-Minute Angebot


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Umgebung & Freizeit

Autobahn „Sa - RC Battipaglia” 40 km
Bahnhof „Agropoli Castellabate” 12 km
Bus „lago” 0 km
Fähre „santa maria ” 3 km
Flughafen „Napoli- capodichino” 120 km
Mietfahrzeug „taxi” 0 km


Schlossburg „castellabate borgo antico” 7 km


Bootsverleih „Porto di San Marco” 5 km


Angeln „parco marino del cilento” 2 km


Meer „limpidissimo” 0 km
Ferienhaus S.Maria di Castellabate
Viale Ortenzio pepi 9d
S.Maria di Castellabate
villa elaia casa vacanze
Ferienwohnung Santa Maria di Castellabate
via fontananuova snc
Santa Maria di Castellabate
Casa Costa Cilento
Ferienwohnung S. Maria di Castellabate
Contrada Fontanelle
S. Maria di Castellabate
Araba PhönixCountryhouse
Ferienwohnung S. Maria di Castellabate
Via San Pietro
S. Maria di Castellabate