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 Lopar Vacation Houses - Islands

Croatia Islands Rab Lopar

Vacation Apartment Hvar 13 Photos

Islands › Hvar › Hvar
1-5 People, 2 Bedroom, 60 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1986, Renovation 2012
Child-Friendly, Non-Smoker, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

22 Photos

51281 Lopar,otok Rab (#638640)

Islands › Rab › Lopar
1-21 People, 9 Bedroom
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Wheelchair-Equipped, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Rest, peace

Awarded many times as the best tourist destination in the Adriatic, the town of Rab sits on a narrow sliver of land protruding towards the mainland, bounded by ancient city walls and recognisable by four church towers that form the familir outline, depicting Rab as a ship with four masts: bell tower of the church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the cathedral, the bell tower of the church of St. John the Evangelist (located near the ruins of the Church), the belfry of the church of St. Andrew the Apostle and the bell tower of the church of St. Justine. Further inland from the old town is a beautiful park called Komrčar, whose numerous paths wind around wooded hills all the way down to the beaches of Rab. Saint Patron of Rab, St. Cristophor supposedly saved the island from attackers, earning the right to have his skull preserved in a reliquiary within the Rab Cathedral. If you like, you could visit a large collection of sacral art at the Franciscan Monastery of St. Bernardin with two churches (St. Euphemia and St. Bernardin) where you can find pictures, valuable old books, ecclesiastical art, ethnographic collection, coin collection and a lot of other things.

20 Vacation Houses Vacation Apartments Rab

15 Photos

51280 Rab (#642967)

Islands › Rab › Kampor
1-8 People, 4 Bedroom, 120 m² Living Space, Garden 1000 m², Renovation 1999
- Family Holidays

6 Photos

51280 RAB (#10693)

Islands › Rab
1-8 People, 3 Bedroom, 70 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1444, Renovation 1968
Directly on the Water, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

33 Photos

51280 Insel Rab (#148876)
- 455 €
Islands › Rab › Banjol
1-4 People, 2 Bedroom, 88 m² Living Space, Garden 1400 m², Construction Year 2007
Child-Friendly, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

8 Photos

51280 Rab (#641524)
280 € - 595 €
Islands › Rab › Banjol
1-5 People, 2 Bedroom, 65 m² Living Space, Garden 100 m², Construction Year 1994, Renovation 2005
Child-Friendly, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Family Holidays

We can offer apartments for 2,3,4 and 5 persons.

8 Photos

51280 Rab (#642178)

Islands › Rab › Kampor
1-5 People, 2 Bedroom, 80 m² Living Space, Garden 2000 m², Renovation 2005
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Active Holidays