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Ca Agostino B+B DoZi LIBERTY - Bed & Breakfast Sassocorvaro / Caprazzino
Sassocorvaro / Caprazzino
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Orange Cottage - Vacation Home Loule
-20% Last Minute
Casa do Forno Cottage - Vacation Home Loule

New properties
France Gite-Holiday House
location gite etretat
Gite-Holiday House etretat
Italy House
villa immersa nel verde
House Caccamo
Italy House
Alghero Holiday  House - Vacation Home alghero
Alghero Holiday House
House alghero
Spain House
Casa Morella
House Calpe
Croatia Apartment
Villa Nell - Beach Penthouse
Apartment Maslinica, Insel Solta
Croatia Apartment
Apartmani Žana
Apartment Šilo
Croatia Apartment
Apartment Makarska
France Gite-Holiday House
gite de groupe 32 pers
Gite-Holiday House Blaignac
Portugal Apartment
Vacation Rentals apartfunchal
Apartment Funchal
France Gite-Holiday House
Gites ruraux Mas de Galy - Gite-Holiday House Saujac
Gites ruraux Mas de Galy
Gite-Holiday House Saujac
Spain House
Villa Cuxarret
House Calpe
Venezuela House
margarita holiday villas
House El Agua
Turkey Apartment
Beach flat - Vacation Apartment Eski Foca
Beach flat
Apartment Eski Foca
Portugal Apartment
ruime woning Monte Rosa
Apartment Lagos
Slovakia Room-Guesthouse
Pod Guglom
Room-Guesthouse Mlynky
Switzerland Apartment
****Ferien im Baudenkmal - Vacation Apartment Castrisch
****Ferien im Baudenkmal
Apartment Castrisch
Italy House
Casale di campagna
House Bracciano
Croatia Apartment
vila jagoda
Apartment Rab
Spain House
Ferienvilla Atlantico
House Tijarafe
Tanzania House
Portugal Finca
CASA SOL (2- 4 Pers.)
Finca Fuseta
France Gite-Holiday House
Gite-Holiday House Vaison la romaine
Italy House
A louer
House Marciana
Croatia House
Apartmani IVAS - A1 - Vacation Home Umag
Apartmani IVAS - A1
House Umag
Spain Room-Guesthouse
Alojamiento de turismo
Room-Guesthouse Bueu
Italy Apartment
Agriturismo Due Ponti
Apartment Chianni
Australia Hotel
Sydney South Waldorf
Hotel Sydney
France Gite-Holiday House
appartement le Tarbesou
Gite-Holiday House Ascou
Italy Room-Guesthouse
il vecchio opificio
Room-Guesthouse SIENA
Austria Apartment
Appartementhaus MUXEL***
Apartment AU-SCHOPPERNAU im Bregenzerwald
France Room-Guesthouse
4 chambres personnalisée
Room-Guesthouse villers le tilleul
Italy Apartment
Haus Galbato Untergesch. - Vacation Apartment Gioiosa Marea/Galbato
Haus Galbato Untergesch.
Apartment Gioiosa Marea/Galbato
France Apartment
USA Apartment
Arie Dam
Apartment Madeira Beach
Germany Camping Site
Campingplatz Hunte-Camp
Camping Site Großenkneten

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2. This also applies to a waiver of the requirement for written form.

17. Final Provisions, Severability Clause

1. If provisions of this agreement or a provision adopted in this agreement in the future should become legally invalid, in whole or in part or they later lose their legal validity or feasibility, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. This also applies should it be ddiscovered that the agreement has a loophole in the provisions.

2. A reasonable provision should replace the invalid or unfeasible provisions or to bridge the loophole which, if legally possible, most closely approximates the wishes of the parties as they had intended the item to be upon conclusion of this agreement or upon the later adoption of a provision.

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