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 Alba Vacation Homes Vacation Apartments

Vacation Apartment greve in chianti 15 Photos
Top Offer

50022 greve in chianti
644 €
Tuscany › Chianti
1-5 People, 1 Bedroom, 40 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1600
Pool, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Internet, TV - Family Holidays

12 Photos
900 € - 1.200 €
Piemont › Cuneo › Alba
1-4 People, 2 Bedroom, 110 m² Living Space, Garden 2000 m², Construction Year 1710, Renovation 2006
Child-Friendly, Non-Smoker, Internet - Nature

Cascina Bricchetto Langhe - Cà der Forn (The Bread Oven House)100 square feet Living with fireplace,kitchen,two bedrooms, two bathrooms, balcony.

13 Photos
470 €
Piemont › Cuneo › Alba
1-4 People, 20 Bedroom, 75 m² Living Space, Garden 2000 m², Construction Year 1997, Renovation 2010
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Non-Smoker, Internet, TV - Nature

19 Photos

12050 Alba - Trezzo Tinella
1.000 € - 1.500 €
Piemont › Cuneo › Alba
1-6 People, 3 Bedroom, 150 m² Living Space, Garden 2000 m², Construction Year 1710, Renovation 2006
Child-Friendly, Non-Smoker, Internet - Rest, peace

Cascina Bricchetto Langhe - Cà dra Topia (The Grape Pergola House)150 m2 A living room with kitchenette, three large bedrooms, three shower rooms, balcony.

Alba is called "the capital of the Langhe" is because it is located in the center of the area and because it is the largest town or maybe even to some fantastic demonstrations of product presentation area of ​​excellence such as "Vinum" in Spring dedicated to wines ( we can not forget that are Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera Langhe, Dolcetto, Moscato ...) and the "International Fair of white truffle of Alba" which takes place every weekend from the beginning of October to the middle November (I'm glad to testify that many people depart specifically from the United States of America as from Hong Kong or Shanghai for goders the fair and our famous truffles).
These events are always accompanied by artistic, cultural, gastronomic, historical re-enactments.

The Alba's historic center dates back to the Middle Ages, it is characterized by many towers and arcades, also have come to light and are visible Roman remains which belong to Alba Pompeia they founded.
The central street of the city is called "Via Maestra" winds through many beautiful buildings, Baroque churches, elegant shops, bakeries, wine bar finally opens into the Piazza del Duomo and the Town Hall a place dedicated to the events of various kinds that there are all the 'year, on Saturday morning takes place in this area and in the nearby Piazza Rossetti's colorful weekly market.

The most important museums are the Eusebio (anthropology and others) and the wine museum (WIMU) in Barolo, also the Ferrero Foundation organizes major exhibitions in different time of the year the last of which was a retrospective of the painter F.Casorati.

The Langhe is characterized by the presence of many castles that dominate the hills, almost all were built in the Middle Ages as a defensive structure and gradually transformed over the centuries in administrative and / or housing, the last substantial transformation took place in the Savoy era is by the rulers both by the nobles of their court. The castles are almost all visitors.