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 House L'Aquila Vacation Apartment

Italy Abruzzi L'Aquila L'Aquila

Vacation Apartment greve in chianti 15 Photos
50022 greve in chianti (#642423)
644 €
Tuscany › Chianti
1-5 People, 1 Bedroom, 40 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1600
Pool, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Internet, TV - Family Holidays

20 Photos

67040 l'aquila roio piano (#8504)

Abruzzi › L'Aquila › L'Aquila
1-8 People, 3 Bedroom, 200 m² Living Space, Garden 3000 m², Construction Year 1997, Renovation 2012
Pool, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

mountain villa offers 3 bedrooms with 8 beds , kitchen , garden with swimming pool , barbecue , wifii free bike rental . The villa is located near the ski slopes of field happy in a charming mountain village , excursions out walk from the villa

1 Reviews (4,40/5) 

5 Vacation Houses Vacation Apartments Abruzzi

65013 Città Sant'Angelo (#7053)
300 € - 570 €
Abruzzi › Pescara › Città Sant'Angelo
1-4 People, 1 Bedroom, 70 m² Living Space, Garden 32767 m²
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Non-Smoker, Internet, TV - Rest, peace

65013 Città Sant'Angelo (#8297)

Abruzzi › Pescara › Città Sant'Angelo
1-24 People, 10 Bedroom, 700 m² Living Space, Garden 32767 m², Construction Year 1975
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Non-Smoker, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

10 Photos

66022 Fossacesia (#641793)
320 € - 450 €
Abruzzi › Chieti › Fossacesia
1-2 People

The accommodation consists of a spacious living-room, a kitchen with easy access to the terrace, 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms.

64100 Teramo (#642682)

1-1 People

L'Aquila is the capital of the Abruzzo region, with a population of about 70,000 inhabitants. Its origins are very far away and during the Middle Ages had a castle to defend against barbarian invasions. In 1264 Federico II gathered 99 villages and castles in the area and founded the city of L'Aquila, Abruzzo benchmark. To commemorate this event, the city was equipped with 99 beds and 99 churches and a beautiful fountain with 99 spouts.

In time it became a rich city developing important trades and crafts including tissue processing and the famous lace that are still produced even with modern techniques. Even agriculture and industry are important economic sources.

L'Aquila, Abruzzo region as a whole, is particularly rich in archaeological sites, castles, churches, and an almost untouched nature. Proof of this is the Abruzzo National Park, the Park Maiella and Gran Sasso equipped benchmark in the region for winter sports with ski slopes and lifts.