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 Lavagna Vacation Apartments

1 Regions Lavagna
Vacation Home Caccamo 18 Photos
Top Offer
350 € - 400 €
Sicily › Palermo › Caccamo
1-7 People, 3 Bedroom, 60 m² Living Space, Garden 500 m², Construction Year 2012, Renovation 2012
Child-Friendly, Wheelchair-Equipped, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Active Holidays

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16 Photos

16030 Cavi di Lavagna
750 € - 850 €
Liguria › Genoa › Lavagna › Cavi
1-6 People, 2 Bedroom, 80 m² Living Space, Renovation 2005
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Wheelchair-Equipped, TV - Family Holidays

Lavagna is an ancient coastal town located on the left hand side of the Entella torrent,east of Genoa area along the Tigullio Gulg. Lavagna area faces a long sandy shore and it is surrounded by hills with olive groves.
Lavagna town has pre-roman origins and it was subject to Genoese bishops and plebeians during the 10th century. In the year 1000 Lavagna became the capital of the county that had an extensive territorial jurisdiction.
Since then its history has been intertwined with that of its counts, which originated from the famous Fieschi family that defended for a long time their feud against Genoa. On 14 August, Lavagna relives its ancient splendour during the traditional festival of the "Fieschi Cake". Legend has it that in 1230 an enormous cake was given to the local inhabitants to celebrate the marriage of Opizzo Fieschi to a Siennese noblewoman. Seven centuries later the gigantic cake, whose recipe is still jealously guarded by the confectioners of Lavagna, is offered to ticket-holders who find another person in the crowd with a twin ticket.
Tourism is Lavagna’s main business and it has changed the economy, which was once tied to maritime activities and agriculture as well as the production of slate. However, Lavagna has now become a well-known sea resort.
For many lovers of the sea and boating, Lavagna is also a landing-point due to its Harbour which occupies a surface area of 290,000 sq. m., offering 1600 berths for vessels up to 50 m in length, providing all the facilities sailing enthusiasts can wish for.