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 Villaputzu House Vacation Apartment - Sardinia

Italy Sardinia Cagliari Villaputzu

Vacation Apartment greve in chianti 15 Photos
50022 greve in chianti (#642423)
644 €
Tuscany › Chianti
1-5 People, 1 Bedroom, 40 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1600
Pool, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Internet, TV - Family Holidays

- 10 % 15 Photos

09040 Porto Corallo a Villaputzu (#642560)

Sardinia › Cagliari › Villaputzu
1-4 People, 1 Bedroom, 46 m² Living Space, Garden 50 m², Construction Year 2005
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, Air-Conditioning - Family Holidays

The place is interesting for lovers of trekking, the sea, the tranquility and the good life (Villasimius is 30 minutes).Who cames here, remained happy with the sea, the climate and the flavors of Sardegna. It is beautiful still discover for yourself the places, tastes, customs of Sardinia: it remain in your heart and will leave you the best memory of this island to tell your loved ones At Villaputzu or Muravera there are still all sorts of comforts and services for all your needs.

09040 Villaputzu (#508779)
120 € - 1.175 €
Sardinia › Cagliari › Villaputzu
1-4 People, 1 Bedroom, 50 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1995
Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed

09040 Villaputzu (#639328)

Sardinia › Cagliari › Villaputzu
1-2 People

19 Vacation Houses Vacation Apartments Cagliari

9 Photos

09043 Costa Rei- Muravera (#643258)
400 € - 1.080 €
Sardinia › Cagliari › Muravera
1-4 People, 2 Bedroom, 70 m² Living Space, Construction Year 1980, Renovation 2010
Directly on the Water, Child-Friendly, Pets Allowed, TV - Family Holidays

09045 capitana (#642580)

Sardinia › Cagliari › Cagliari
1-1 People

14 Photos

09010 Santa Margherita di Pula (#642431)
320 € - 850 €
Sardinia › Cagliari
1-4 People, 2 Bedroom, 65 m² Living Space, Garden 500 m², Renovation 2014
Child-Friendly, Air-Conditioning, TV - Active Holidays

13 Photos

09010 Pula (#642350)
360 € - 680 €
Sardinia › Cagliari › Pula
1-4 People, 2 Bedroom, 55 m² Living Space
Child-Friendly, Air-Conditioning, TV - Active Holidays

18 Photos

09012 Torre degli Ulivi (#642345)

Sardinia › Cagliari › Capoterra
1-8 People, 4 Bedroom, 230 m² Living Space, Garden 5000 m²
Pool, Child-Friendly, Air-Conditioning, Internet, TV - Family Holidays

The country of Villaputzu is located in the foothills of the Sarrabus, nestled on the banks of the river Flumendosa and not far from the east coast of Sardinia.

The origins of Villaputzu identify with the Phoenician-Punic settlement of Sarcapos, mentioned by Ptolemy in antiquity and just a few kilometers from the mouth of the Flumendosa. Because of frequent and destructive barbarian invasions of the VIII and IX century, the village moved in a more easily defensible internal.

Here you can see numerous colonies of water birds of community interest: Purple Heron, Purple Gallinule, Marsh Harrier, Wood Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Northern Harrier, shrike, egret and many amphibians (Discoglosso Sardinian, Sardinian tree frog and toad) and reptiles (European pond turtle, lizard country).
The system stagnale Villaputzu lends itself to long walks and bird watching, in an environment still intact, where the presence of man lives in a sustainable way with an array of environmental inestimabie value. From the point of view of tourism it is also important in the beach of Porto Corallo: it is in front of the homonymous tourist resort and near the modern sea port (Porto Corallo).

The beach of Porto Corallo combines the beauty of the sea with the unique charm history. In fact, it is dominated by a watch tower of Spanish origin that makes the landscape, if possible, even more beautiful. Around Villaputzu, Mount Castle Quirra is an example of Paleolithic settlement of residential character.