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FH Lindenallee 14
Pfalz > Gleisweiler
AREA: Gleisweiler
Adults: 2
Ferienhaus Margit
AREA: Rhön-Spessart
Adults: 5
Urlaub direkt am Deich
North Sea > Wangerland
AREA: Hooksiel
Adults: 4
Haus Am Hermsberg
Sächsisches Elbland > Dresden
AREA: Dresden
Adults: 3
Ferienwohnung Preiser
Teutoburg Forest > Schieder-Schwalenberg
AREA: Schieder
Adults: 5
Darss - Ostsee - Ferienwohnung
The baltic Coast > Fischland-Darß-Zingst
AREA: Wieck am Darß
Adults: 4
Haus am Meer - Blick übe
Nordsee Inseln > Sylt
AREA: Sylt
Adults: 2
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania > Vorpommern
AREA: Vorpommern
Adults: 4
Huis met sauna Sauerland
Sauerland > Bestwig
AREA: Ramsbeck
Adults: 4
Ferienhaus Ostsee-Robbe
The baltic Coast > Schönberg (Holstein)
AREA: Holm
Adults: 6
Feriendorf 29
Teutoburg Forest > Lichtenau
AREA: Husen
Adults: 7
Urlaub in Rheda-Wiedenbrück
Teutoburg Forest > Rheda-Wiedenbrück
AREA: Rheda
Adults: 5
Appartement Sonneninsel
Ostsee Inseln > Usedom
AREA: Zinnowitz
Adults: 3
Ferienebene Behindertenf
Mecklenburg Lake Plateau > Rechlin
AREA: Rechlin
Adults: 4
Ferienhaus Scharfe
Saxon Switzerland > Gohrisch
AREA: Cunnersdorf
Adults: 4
Pension Spreeaue
Spreewald > Burg (Spreewald)
AREA: Burg (Spreewald)
Adults: 23
Urlaub Bayerischer Wald
Bavarian Forest > Thurmansbang
AREA: Thurmansbang
Adults: 6
FW im MüritzNationalpark
Mecklenburg Lake Plateau > Granzin
AREA: Granzin
Adults: 4
Haus Janssen-Wehrle
Black Forest > Titisee-Neustadt
AREA: Titisee-Neustadt
Adults: 5
***Ferienhaus RITTER
Naheland > Idar-Oberstein
AREA: Idar-Oberstein
Adults: 3
The baltic Coast > Schönberg (Holstein)
AREA: Schönberg (Holstein)
Adults: 6
Ferienhaus Mayer
Black Forest > Oberkirch
AREA: Oberkirch
Adults: 5
BERLIN 2 room Prenzlauer Berg
Berlin > Pankow
AREA: Prenzlauer Berg
Adults: 4
BERLIN elegante 3 Zimmer Fewo
Berlin > Berlin-Mitte
AREA: Mitte
Adults: 6
AREA: Brandenburg
Adults: 14
BERLIN 50 holidayflats Wohnung
Berlin > Berlin-Mitte
AREA: Mitte
Adults: 14
Fewo Emma
Nordfriesland-Dithmarschen > Aventoft
AREA: Aventoft
Adults: 4
Ferienwohnung in Geyer
Erz Mountains > Geyer
AREA: Geyer
Adults: 2
Deutschle am Bodensee
Lake Constance > Friedrichshafen
AREA: Friedrichshafen
Adults: 8
Neues Ferienhaus König
Saxon Switzerland > Rathmannsdorf
AREA: Bad Schandau
Adults: 6
SchwimmendesHaus ANTARES
The baltic Coast > Kappeln
AREA: Kappeln
Adults: 5
The baltic Coast > Kappeln
AREA: Kappeln
Adults: 7
The baltic Coast > Kappeln
AREA: Kappeln
Adults: 5
The baltic Coast > Kappeln
AREA: Kappeln
Adults: 6
Saxon Switzerland > Bad Schandau
AREA: Porschdorf
Adults: 3
Bavarian Forest
AREA: Bayerischer Wald
Adults: 5
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Vacation in Germany – private vacation rentals

Ever wanted to visit the European Giant? Stop wanting, and travel to one of our vacation rentals all around Germany. Take a look at our vacation homes in Berlin, pick your favourite, and go visit the largest city of the country to travel through time back to the Holy Roman Empire and the Reformation of the Protestant. Learn everything about this military machine and its participation during both World Wars, inform yourself about the great Berlin Wall and the story behind its construction & destruction.

Being one of the most developed countries with the highest live standards, with advanced health care and social security, Germany is your ideal vacation. Full of activities and visual attractiveness, Germany can offer you a trip in their ICE 3 high-speed railway in Cologne. Father to Albert Einstein, this country is a technology and science titan, having some of the most advanced laboratories and researches from the entire world. But hey, it’s not all about science and amazing modern weird thingies, as Germany is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.

Visit the tourism capital Bavaria, home of the Berchtesgaden Alps and admire these huge mountains with their crystal-like lakes. Take your significant other through the Romantic Road across Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg on a trip to never forget. You can take your journey to the next level and visit the German Wine Route, the oldest of them all. Located in Palatinate, the giant Wine Gate is ready to let you through the most delicate wines of the whole European region. Don’t wait any longer, and acquire your favourite rental to an experience you’ll never forget.


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