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Casa Charlotte Rentals
Puhelin: +34 606 966896
Matkapuhelin : +34 687 606923

Internet: http://www.casacharlotte
Yhteyshenkilö puhuu seuraavia kieliä: saksa, hollanti, englanti, ranska, espanja
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Lomahuoneisto Nerja-Malaga - Wheelchair accessible apt!!

THREE LUXURIOUS APARTMENTS IN A TYPICAL ANDALUCIAN HOUSE Casa Charlotte is situated in the historic historical centre of

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Vilkas Vilkas
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Kohteen tyyppiLomahuoneisto
Paikkakunta ES-29780 Nerja-Malaga
Andalusia - Espanja

Varaustilanne1-4 Henkilömäärä
Lyhin asumisaika7 päivää
TuloLa, Su, Ma, Ti, Ke, To, Pe

Olohuone65 m²
Puutarha75 m²

kuvaus Lomahuoneisto Nerja-Malaga

Casa Charlotte is situated in the historic historical centre of Nerja,
but within about 350yds of the beach. In the same street you'll find some famous tapas bars and fish-restaurants, with a bakery and grocery just a few paces away. There are many other excellent convenience stores nearby, with a couple of high quality supermarkets within a 5 minute walk. Whilst you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this typical Spanish old town, our highly specified double-glazed windows are completely effective in shutting out noise, thus ensuring you a peaceful stay.
Whilst each apartment is entirely self-contained, Casa Charlotte is also ideal for a private and luxurious family gathering. The house has a total capacity of 12 persons, although up to 15 persons can be accommodated when baby cot or spare beds are brought into service
Our regular guests particularly enjoy the spacious and sunny rooftop terrace, with its superb views of the sea and Nerja's spectacular mountain backdrop. We have equipped the terrace for BBQ meals, and provided a lovely shaded corner where you can eat or take a relaxing drink. And, since Wi-FI, internet and a landline phone are available, you can take your laptop to the terrace to answer your e-mails. So, you can be in touch with friends and family whilst enjoying the view and a glass of wine.
With air conditioning in summer, and heating in winter, the whole house enjoys year-round comfort. And, since we're "˜all-electric' (much of it generated by solar panels), there's no need to manhandle heavy propane gas bottles.
Each apartment is equipped with:
- satellite TV, with many English language programmes
- CD/hi-fi, with speakers in each main room, and a large music collection
- a safe, embedded in concrete for complete security
- a washing machine
- kitchens equipped to the very highest standard, with pots, pans and utensils in abundance (some guests tell us that Casa Charlotte is better equipped than their own homes!)
- tableware of outstanding quality
Casa Charlotte was restored by local craftsmen using the best quality fittings and materials. Our furniture is hand-made in timber in simple, classic designs. Each apartment has a King-size bed measuring 2m x 1.8m (6ft 5ins x 5ft 9ins). Each also contains a comfortable couch which doubles as an extra bed.
Our prices are per week, and based on occupation by two guests. There is a charge of €60 per week for each extra guest.
Ground floor:
The spacious ground floor apartment, with a profusion of flowers in its window boxes giving it a typical Andalucian character, is ideal for two to four persons.
There is an L-shaped kitchen/living room, with a small indoor patio providing an extension to the dining area.
The apartment is exceptionally well equipped and adapted for the special needs of wheelchair users. For example, we have provided extra large doors, a roll-in shower, and folding arms to the toilet, which has a clip on/off raised seat.
One of our disabled guests, a contributor to a magazine devoted to disablement issues, ended one of his articles with: "I have stayed in hotels and self catering apartments around Europe and would rate Casa Charlotte as one of the BEST".
The living room also has a couch which folds out into a bed, some 2 m x 1.6m (6ft 5ins x 5ft).

Sisustus - Lomahuoneisto Nerja-Malaga

Olohuone 120 m²
Makuuhuone 112 m², 1 Parisängyt, 1 Vauvanvuoteet, Kelloradio, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Keittiö 110 m², Varustettu keittiö, Keraaminenn liesi, 1 Keittolevyt, Uuni, Liesituuletin, Jääkaappi, Pakastin, Mikroaaltouuni, Leivänpaahdin, Keittiötarvikkeet käytettävissä
PysäköintimahdollisuudetJulkinen pysäköintialue

Hinnat & Maksutavat

AjanjaksoViikkoKuukausiKauden tyyppi
07. tammikuu - 31. maaliskuu ---335 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
31. maaliskuu - 14. huhtikuu ---500 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
14. huhtikuu - 30. huhtikuu ---390 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
30. huhtikuu - 30. kesäkuu ---485 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
30. kesäkuu - 31. elokuu ---600 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
31. elokuu - 31. lokakuu ---485 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
31. lokakuu - 22. joulukuu ---335 € --- Viime hetken tarjous
22. joulukuu - 07. tammikuu ---500 € --- Viime hetken tarjous


  • Yleisvakuus 300 €
  • Etumaksu
  • Shekki
  • Käteinen

Kausihinnat pätevät seuraavasti 2 Henkilömäärä, Lisähenkilöistä veloitetaan seuraavasti:
  • Per henkilö 60 € - Lisämaksu (Viikko)


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  • Ilmastointi: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Vuodevaatteet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Pyyhkeet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Lastenvuoteet: Kustannukset määrältään 3 € Per päivä
  • Ekstra alusta: Kustannukset määrältään 9 € Per päivä
  • Internet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Kylpyläverot: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Loppusiivous: Sisältyy hintaan


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Lentoasema „Malaga ( AGP)” 60 km
Autonvuokraus „Carjet” 0.8 km
Autonvuokraus „Eurotaxi for disabled” 60 km
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