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Herra Gianni Franceschi
Puhelin: +31 (0)115 441702

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Porto Frailis / Arbatax - Lomahuoneisto Domus Mameli

Bungalow for 4/6 prs. with garden and terraces, situated at 400 mtrs from the Perdu Moru beach. The house is provided with all

NimiDomus Mameli vesistön/meren vesistön/meren
Parveke Parveke
Terassi Terassi
Veranta Veranta
Talvipuutarha Talvipuutarha
Nurmikko Nurmikko
Ei näkymää Ei näkymää
Aidattu Aidattu
Kaupunki Kaupunki
Vapaasti seisova Vapaasti seisova
Vilkas Vilkas
Luonto Luonto
Lapsiystävällinen Lapsiystävällinen
Allergiker geeigne Allergioista kärsiville
Kohteen tyyppiLomahuoneisto
Paikkakunta it-08044 Porto Frailis / Arbatax
Sardinia - Italia

Varaustilanne1-5 Henkilömäärä
Lyhin asumisaika7 päivää
TuloLa, Su, Ma, Ti, Ke, To, Pe

Olohuone102 m²
Puutarha400 m²

kuvaus Lomahuoneisto Porto Frailis / Arbatax

Bungalow for 4/6 prs. with garden and terraces, situated at 400 mtrs from the Perdu Moru beach. The house is provided with all necessary needs for a pleasant stay.
The living room is tastefully arranged.
By stay:
You're welcome with a maximum of two adults and four children.
Otherwise with a maximum of four adults.
Porto Frailis is placed on the headland of Bellavista, and is surrounded by a natural scenery of bays and inlets which make it completely unique and fascinating.
Arbatax-Porto Frailis: This is the best well known town of the Ogliastra area, thanks partly to the presence of the commercial and tourist port and thanks also to its rather intriguing name: it derives from an Arabic word meaning 'fourteenth tower', for the Saracen tower which overlooks the seafront. Arbatax was born as a village of fishermen, many of whom came from the nearby island of Ponza, and it is from fishing that it earned its biggest fortunes, thanks to the significant variety of fish and crustaceans in the area.
Starting from the Rocce Rosse (Red Rocks), famous throughout the world for their particular colour of porphyry, then the splendid Cala Moresca, on the eastern side of the town, and continuing towards the Telis, the Bay of Portofrailis and San Gemiliano - now residential areas built up using some interesting architecture - it is possible to admire different colours and landscapes, all both striking and enchanting.
A pretty seaside village, Porto Frailis is part of the borough of Arbatax with a tourist port. Well-known as a seaside resort, it is rich in historical sites such as the mediaeval church in the centre of the village, and also for its natural beauty and fine bars and restaurants. It is a rather hilly territory and unites the uncontaminated seafront with its superb sandy and rocky beaches and hills and mountains ideal for trekking excursions.

The coast presents the highest rock faces of the Mediterranean and breathtaking coves, worth visiting at least once, such as Cala Goloritzè, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu, some reached via sea and some by land. The caves along the coastline both under and above the waterline are extremely rich in natural beauty. In the village there is a marketplace, bank, chemist and a post office. During the summer period there are various festivals to be seen.
Arbatax-Porto Frailis: The centre of this small town rises at the bottom of Cape Bellavista "“ territory enriched with the green-coloured Mediterranean scrub and famous for the characteristic red rocks and the masses of porphyritic granite located close to the harbour. A true explosion of colours takes place in the spring with the contrast of the rocks of the headland and reef, the beach's white sand and the limpid waters. A natural frame to this is the panorama of the surrounding mountains, the highest on the island. Beside the harbour rises a tower from the seventeenth-century while to the right is a prophyry quarry. On the sea, the silhouette of the famous porphyritic reef known as "red rocks' from Arbatax.
In addition, there is a passageway dug into the rock through which access to a small beach at the feet of the rocky walls can be had. Off in the distance, on a point in the southern part of the headland and 3 km away, is the S. Gemiliano Tower. All of this together with the ample choice of excursions in the inland areas make Arbatax a particularly pleasant seaside area and place to stay. Ogliastra, a fairly recent discovery with its beautiful coasts and mountainous interior. Its territory, wedged between sea and mountain, offers a vast array of unique landscapes. A paradise of remarkable beauty situated along the eastern side of Sardinia, where nature is at its best. Some people think that the name Ogliastra derives from the wild olive trees growing in great numbers in the region, but more credited sources link it to the Agugliastra, a huge monolith overlooking the sea.

Sisustus - Lomahuoneisto Porto Frailis / Arbatax

Olohuone 130 m², Ruokailunurkkaus, Takka, Laatat
Makuuhuone 116 m², 1 Parisängyt, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 214 m², 2 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Yöpöytä, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 316 m², 2 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Pimennettävä
Keittiö 15 m², Varustettu keittiö, Kaasuliesi, Liesituuletin, Jääkaappi, Pakastin, Espressokone, Keittiötarvikkeet käytettävissä
Kylpy & WC 112 m², Suihkukomero, Bidee, Vain WC, Päivänvalo
Kylpy & WC 24 m², Vain WC
PysäköintimahdollisuudetKäytettävissä yksityinen pysäköintipaikka, Julkinen pysäköintialue
LämmitysLämmin vesi, Puu-/hiililämmitys
TeleyhteydetMobiiliyhteydet mahdollisia
Household ElectronicsTV
MuutaPesukone, Puutarhakalusteet, Puutarhagrilli

Hinnat & Maksutavat

AjanjaksoViikkoKuukausiKauden tyyppi
01. tammikuu - 31. tammikuu ---215 € ---
01. tou - 28. kesäkuu ---590 € ---
14. kesäkuu - 06. syyskuu ---990 € ---
06. syyskuu - 00. Undefined ---595 € ---


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Ympäristö & vapaa-aika

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Lentoasema „Tortoli/Arbatax Airport” 3 km
Autonvuokraus „Olbia Airport” 200 km
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