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Rouva Cynthia Ruth Hillebrand
Puhelin: 0049 5706 95890
Faksi: 0049 5706 390687
Internet: http://www.hillebrands-w
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Alueet Ateena

Ateena, Glyfada

Artemida - Athen - Lomakoti Marathon Coast Beach Villa

Lomakoti Artemida - Athen: Kreikka, 1-10 Henkilömäärä 5 Makuuhuoneet, 770 €/Viikko, Lemmikkieläimet sallittu, vesistön/meren

  • 5 x Makuuhuone
  • 2 x Olohuone
  • 2 x Keittiö
  • 2 x Kylpy & WC
  • 1 x Vain WC
NimiMarathon Coast Beach Villa vesistön/meren vesistön/meren
Parveke Parveke
Terassi Terassi
Veranta Veranta
Nurmikko Nurmikko
Aidattu Aidattu
Vapaasti seisova Vapaasti seisova
Lemmikkieläimet sallittu Lemmikkieläimet sallittu
Lapsiystävällinen Lapsiystävällinen
Kohteen tyyppiLomakoti
Paikkakunta GR-19016 Artemida - Athen
Attika - Kreikka

Varaustilanne1-10 Henkilömäärä
Lyhin asumisaika4 päivää
TuloLa, Su, Ma, Ti, Ke, To, Pe

Rakentaminen Vuosi1990
Olohuone200 m²
Puutarha500 m²

Sisustus - Lomakoti Artemida - Athen

Olohuone 150 m², Sohvanurkka, Takka, Matti, Laatat, Tuuletin, TV
Olohuone 240 m², Sohvanurkka, Matti, Laatat, Tuuletin, TV
Makuuhuone 115 m², 2 Yhden hengen vuoteet, 1 Vauvanvuoteet, Kelloradio, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 210 m², 2 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 310 m², 1 Parisängyt, 1 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 415 m², 2 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Makuuhuone 59 m², 1 Yhden hengen vuoteet, Lukuvalo, Yöpöytä, Tuuletin, Pimennettävä
Keittiö 115 m², 12 Istumapaikat, Varustettu keittiö, 1 Keittolevyt, Uuni, Liesituuletin, Jääkaappi, Pakastin, Pesukone, Mikroaaltouuni, Kahvinkeitin, Leivänpaahdin, Keittiötarvikkeet käytettävissä, Tuuletin
Keittiö 28 m², 6 Istumapaikat, Varustettu keittiö, Jääkaappi, Pakastin, Mikroaaltouuni, Kahvinkeitin, Keittiötarvikkeet käytettävissä, Tuuletin
Kylpy & WC 18 m², Kylpyamme, Suihkukomero, Pesuallas, Päivänvalo, Peilit, Hiustenkuivaaja
Kylpy & WC 28 m², Kylpyamme, Suihkukomero, Pesuallas, Päivänvalo, Peilit
Kylpy & WC 34 m², Pesuallas, Vain WC, Peilit
PysäköintimahdollisuudetKäytettävissä yksityinen pysäköintipaikka, Autokatos

Hinnat & Maksutavat

AjanjaksoViikkoKuukausiKauden tyyppi
01. tammikuu - 31. joulukuu ---770 € --- Viime hetken tarjous


  • Yleisvakuus 150 €
  • Etumaksu
  • Lasku
  • Käteinen

Kausihinnat pätevät seuraavasti 5 Henkilömäärä, Lisähenkilöistä veloitetaan seuraavasti:
  • Per henkilö 40 € - Lisämaksu (Viikko)


  • Pitkäaikainen: Alkaen 0 Lomapäivät =0 %


  • Pakettihinta: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Lisäkustannukset: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Sähkö: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Vesi: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Polttopuut: vuokraaja tuo mukanaan
  • Ilmastointi: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Pysäköintimahdollisuudet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Vuodevaatteet: Kustannukset määrältään 8 € Per henkilö /kerran
  • Pyyhkeet: Kustannukset määrältään 4 € Per henkilö /kerran
  • Lastenvuoteet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Ekstra alusta: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Internet: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Kylpyläverot: Sisältyy hintaan
  • Loppusiivous: Sisältyy hintaan


Ympäristö & vapaa-aika

Moottoritie „Motorway/Autobahn” 10 km
Rautatieasema „Athens” 20 km
Bussi „Public transport bus” 0.3 km
Lautta „Rafina Port” 5 km
Lentoasema „Athens Airport - Venizelos” 25 km
Autonvuokraus „airport and Rafina rentals” 25 km


Markkinat „Every Saturday” 0.5 km
Museo „Athens museums.” 20 km
Ravintola „Beach tavernas” 0.5 km
Nähtävyys „Athens has everything.” 20 km
Kaupunkikävely „Athens” 20 km
Eläintarha „Athens Zoo” 5 km


Venevuokraamo „Artemida harbour” 1 km


Uinti „Beach offers all water sports.” 0.5 km
Leikkikenttä „Artemida promenade” 0.5 km


Kaupunki „Artemida” 0.5 km
Meri 0.5 km
Lomahuoneisto Glyfada GLYFADARENTAL
Luxury Duplex of Athens
central Athens flat sleeps6

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18.10.2012 - (Saksa, Minden)

Tulo lokakuu 2011
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Our Vacation at Villa Artemis

KieliMy family and I stayed at Villa Artemis at the beginning of October. This was our first vacation in Greece and we had a truly wonderful time. Villa Artemis is a great place to stay - very well equipped, with absolutely everything you need and loads of space for everybody. The house is more like a home from home than vacation property. The weather was terrific for October so we enjoyed relaxing on the beach and soaking up some sunshine. Athens was easy to travel to and we had two visits there seeing the historical sites and shopping. Everybody we met was very helpful and friendly. We had a terrific stress free time and returned home feeling relaxed and rested - just how one should feel after a vacation. We can recommend a vacation here and will certainly return. Cynthia and Heinz, we want thank you for all your help and suggestions

29.04.2012 - (Saksa, Nuernberg)

Tulo huhtikuu 2011
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Villa Artemis

KieliHello Cynthia and Heinz,
We spent a very successful easter vacation at your villa in Artemida. We attended the easter celebration at the church down the road and took part in the Good Friday candlelight procession. We ate traditional bbq easter lamb at the taverna by the harbor – the live music and dancing were great fun. We visited Athens, hired a car and followed your suggestions visiting Mycenae, Corinth, Cape Sounion and Epidavros. We took a day trip on the hovercraft to the islands of Tinos and Mykonos. Of course, we spent as much time at the beach as possible! A good time was had by all!
I can truthfully say that yours is one of the best equipped vacation houses that our family has ever stayed in. 10 days was not enough! We would like to thank you for answering all our questions and for all you help in making our easter vacation one to remember. Best regards, Tobi and family.

24.04.2012 - (Saksa, Minden)

Tulo März 2011
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Villa Artemis vacation

KieliCynthia and Heinz. Hi
I was with my friends at your house at the end of March. We had a terrific stay in Artemida - Athens. Spend lots of time at the beach and it was wonderful – all sand with bars and cafes with sunbeds but also with quiet stretches, and even an area round the bay for surfers and a surf school where you can hire equipment. Our trip to Athens with the bus and metro was much easier than we expected. The Acropolis was very impressive and we did lots of souvenir shopping at Plaka market. We spent a day in Corinth and Loutraki and found a romantic little fishing village where we had lunch at one of the Tavernas. We ate out at several of the beach Tavernas in Artemida and nearby Rafina and all were delicious with excellent prices. The food was fantastic. We are already making plans for an another visit! There are so many nearby places to visit we need more time! I would recommend your home to everybody of all ages who want a relaxing vacation, but also with things to do and see. Thanks for all you help, Sylvie

24.04.2012 - (Saksa, Minden)

Tulo März 2011
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Thank you for a lovely holiday

KieliHello Cynthia and Heinz,
We had a wonderful week at the end of March at your very comfortable home in Artemida, Athens. The villa certainly is more of a home than a vacation villa with absolutely everything that we needed. The beach, shops and cafes are so near we were able to go everywhere by foot. The weather was kind to us and we spent a lot of time just relaxing on the sands and even swimming in the sea – quite something for the beginning of April. We used public transport to travel into Athens which was very easy. We visited the Acropolis and new museum and Plaka market for souvenirs. Nothing was over expensive and everybody was very friendly and helpful wherever we went. My friends and I had a lovely relaxing, completely stress free weeks holiday that did us all the world of good – just how a holiday should be. A BIG THANKYOU TO YOU BOTH for all the information and help you gave us while planning our trip to Greece. We shall definitely return to your home! There is still so much we would like to see – a week is not enough! Margaret.

17.02.2012 - (Hong Kong, Honk Kong)

Tulo joulukuu 2011
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Thank you for a wonderful vacation

KieliThank you Cynthia and Heinz.We had a lovely comfortable vacation at your "Villa Artemis". We really enjoyed everything about the house and the area. The small town and beach were really great for our children to run around safely and we were impressed with Athens and all the sites we visited. We will definately recommend you to all our friends and family. Thanks again, Sing and Michaela

11.01.2011 - (Saksa, Göttingen)

Tulo joulukuu 2009
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Christmas Vacation

KieliWe had a lovely time over the Christmas and New Year’s holiday in Villa Artemis. Lots of room for our family group of 7 with a very large lounge/dining room/kitchen area in the same style as North American “great rooms” which allowed all of us to spend time together with room to spare. We can imagine how nice the numerous balconies would be in warmer weather – even though it was “winter”, we used them quite frequently to star-gaze and to watch local fireworks on New Year’s Eve. We totally enjoyed living in a Greek community – much more fun than being in a touristy resort. The town was very easy to get to know – we were frequently at the Eurospar grocery store (everything you might want) as well as mini-markets that sold any quick essentials, also local pharmacies, and we rented DVD movies in English from a local video outlet. We did very little cooking as it was our holiday – just breakfast and snacks mainly – but really enjoyed every single one of the local restaurants/cafes. We cannot reproduce some of the restaurant names as they were in Greek, but we had great meals all around – one favourite was a Greek taverna BESIDE the Eyes Café – we were there so often that the owner was bringing us complimentary wine and beer towards the end of our stay. Also Hotel Medusa had good food. Our younger family members loved Zio Peppe Pizza and Crazy Chicken (both eat-in and take-out). The Villa is convenient to everything – we found it extremely convenient to the airport which turned out to be very helpful in chasing down our lost luggage – we had a rented car so having parking at the villa for that vehicle was important to us. We had no problems accessing the metro system and made several trips into Athens that way. We also easily accessed many historic sites using Villa Artemis as our base – Delphi, Temple of Poseidon, Temple of Artemis, Corinth, Mycenae, Marathon, Rafina and more – we did have a GPS system which was a big help as it was challenging at times to figure out road signs when they are sometimes written just in the Greek alphabet. We also found our way to the gigantic Athens Mall a couple of times – shopping, cinemas and many more restaurants including North American chains. We would like to return during the spring/summer/fall season as that would be a different experience too with warm weather at the beaches – which are situated very close to the Villa by the way – and even though it was December, we saw a few hardy Greeks bathing in the Aegean Sea!

20.09.2009 - (Iso-Britannia, Elland)

Tulo heinäkuu 2009
Sisustus Erinomaisia
Puhtaus Erinomaisia
Huolto Erinomaisia
Sijainti, Elinympäristö Erinomaisia
Vapaa-aikia Erinomaisia
Hinta Erinomaisia

Vacation 2009

KieliDear Cynthia

Just writing to say how much we enjoyed our holiday at Villa Artemis. The house was perfect for us - very comfortable and well-equipped and all your careful directions and instructions were so helpful. We went into Athens on bus and metro two days and then were out in the car going over to Argolis for about 4 trips and up to sites to the north of Athens a couple of times - there was so much to see that it was impossible even to dent the list, but we certainly fitted in as much as we could while having some "down time" on the beach as well.

We loved the different terraces at the house and places to sit and eat or chill out, and eating supper under hanging grapes was an experience I won't forget in a hurry. How perfect!

With limited ability to communicate, we managed to get the local shop owners on our side and they were very helpful. And as for the beachside tavernas - wonderful!

We thought Loutsa was a lovely place to stay - everywhere was family orientated and quiet. I really appreciated the fact that I felt my daughter in particular was completely safe on the beach as everyone seemed to be on holiday as family groups.

I would certanly recommend both Loutsa and Villa Artemis to any of my friends who were looking for a holiday in Greece and may well be in touch for a return visit ourselves!

The flying bit was less ghastly than I had anticipated - terminal 5 gave me a lot of confidence as it was so well run and organised, and the new airport at Athens (since my last visit) was also a pleasant place to arrive and depart. That is always a major factor in whether I feel relatively positive about things or not!

Thank you again for your many kindnesses over the past few months.

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