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Apartman za odmor CALA GONONE - SARDEGNA Appartamento 6/7 persone

SARDINIA - CALA GONONE (NU) to 400 meters of the sea apartment meters squared 150, for 6/7 people: 3 double bedrooms, kitchen

  • 3 x Spavaća soba
  • 7 x Soba
  • 1 x Stambeni prostor
  • 1 x Kuhinja
  • 2 x Kupatilo i WC
OpisAppartamento 6/7 persone Balkon Balkon
Terasa Terasa
Veranda Veranda
Grad Grad
Samoizdržavan Samoizdržavan
Kućni ljubimci dozvoljeni Kućni ljubimci dozvoljeni
Obiteljski Obiteljski
Vrsta objektaApartman za odmor
Mjesto it-08022 CALA GONONE - SARDEGNA
Sardinija - Italija

Posjed1-7 Osobe
DolazakSu, Ne, Po, Ut, Sr, Če, Pe

Stambeni prostor150 m²

Opis Apartman za odmor CALA GONONE - SARDEGNA

SARDINIA - CALA GONONE (NU) to 400 meters of the sea apartment meters squared 150,
for 6/7 people: 3 double bedrooms, kitchen, stay, 2 bathrooms, veranda equipped also in order to eat
, terrace, 2 balconies. Washing machine. Television. Zone residential calm, in proximity of all the conforts.
Sardinia - Italy; island immersed in the sea, island of natural beauties……your holiday island! Year after year, its unique colors and ancient traditions conquer of visitors who flood this corner of paradise situated in the heart of the Mediterranean. Sardinia, the island of the sun .The climate is generally mild, influenced by Atlantic, African and Artic air masses. The weather is clear: in the arc of the year approximately 300 days are sunny .
Sardinia, the large island natural color Of water color lagoon, a majestic coast, a preserved nature. Sardinia will charm the amateurs of great spaces, which will find on this large island the ideal conditions for randonner, to benefit from the beach or to rest in the shade of the olive-trees. Here nature made the things well. On the few 1.800 km of coast which account Sardinia, it deposited with the turning of the courses, in the splits and at the bottom of bays of splendid white sand collars. Beaches which do not have anything to envy those which border the Polynesian lagoons. In Sardinia nature is queen.
Cala Gonone.
An island within an island: Cala Gonone. A small sea resort overlooking 40 km of rugged, virginal coastline in the Orosei Gulf. Almost entirely devoid of concrete, its beaches – Cala Luna, Cala Sisine and Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriola, Cala Fuili, Cala Cartoe, Cala Osalla – of various sizes, are among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, interrupted only by coastal towers and harsh limestone cliffs.A holiday in Cala Gonone offers both an authentic return to nature, with fascinating sights from primitive times, and the most up-to-date and comfortable facilities available. A daily boat service allows you to reach the most impressive parts of the coast in only a few minutes.
Sea, sun, caves, excursions into undiscovered nature, hospitality, folklore, archaeology: This is Cala Gonone

ARCHEOLOGY. In Sardinia there are hundreds of burial grounds from the Neolithic period - “dolmens” which recall the civilisations of northern Europe, imposing Giants’ Tombs, highly conspicuous nuraghi and a myriad of nuragic villages. A treasure trove still shrouded in mystery, a real delight for archaeologists and fans of prehistory The area of Cala Gonone is a rich deposit of primitive relics: Nuragic Village Tiscali, Nuragic Village Serra e Orrios, giants Tombs, Domus De Janas. A hidden world still to be discovered, known and loved.

Cala Gonone is a magical place for climbing, certainly among the best in Sardinia. Moreover, thanks to its mild climate, a climb can be organised at any time of the year.Visited by athletes from all around Europe and beyond, these days it is a compulsory stop-off for whoever comes to the island. Its cliffs, such as the “La poltrona” – “The armchair” (so-called because of its shape), Cala Fuili, Cala Luna, Biddiriscottai, Acquaplano, Il Budinetto, Cala Golotitzé,and great overhang routes, such as the “Supramonte ” in the Gorroppu gorge, which surges upwards 400m with grades between 7c-8B, will challenge even the most able climbers. The reward, however, is a truly paradisiacal view, and one of the most spectacular panoramas in Sardinia.
Excursions: Canyon Gorroppu, Village nuragique Tiscali, from Cala Fuili to Cala Luna.

THE CAVES. Bue Marino: The cave is partially underground at the entrance and extends in a south-westerly direction for around 500m, reaching a depth of -3 to -6 m, one branch-off even reaching -13m. Beyond this, there is a large, dry tunnel around 100m long, containing the last explored siphon.
– Ispinigoli: the cave is on the side of a moutain at 400 m. and opens to a room wigh is dominated by a grand stalagmit column 38 m. high.

At Cala Gonone numerous sports can be practised, with new, modern facilities, submerged in the surrounding greenery. This is a real paradise for lovers of more extreme sports, such as free mountain climbing and bungee jumping. The area has, in fact, been inundated by climbing enthusiasts, who skilfully scale the countless nailed routes and sheer summits. The climate, mild and temperate, ensures that climbing can take place most of the year.The sea, with its crystal-clear waters lapping around the various coves and ravines, hides numerous relics from the Second World War, providing a rare treat for intrepid divers. For beginners, or those looking to improve their diving skills, a number of schools exist, with fully qualified instructors eager to share their knowledge of the sublime submarine world around Sardinia. Cala Gonone is not only sea, however – it is also mountains. Untarmacked roads and paths with various degrees of difficulty offer fans of trekking and mountain biking the chance to explore the area’s extremely varied natural landscape. Moreover, there are excellent facilities for other disciplines, such as tennis, with associations even organising competitive tournaments. For all levels of go-karters, there is a high-speed circuit, with professional drivers to whisk you around breathtaking bends. Traditional sports such as football and volleyball are equally well catered for in Cala Gonone, with first-rate facilities and always enough willing volunteers to make up a team!Windsurfing, waterskiing, canoeing and fishing complete the spectrum of sports and make Cala Gonone the perfect choice for a relaxing, comfortable and, above all, fun holiday.

NOT TO LOSE. Excursion in boat to beaches of Cala Luna and Cala Mariolu. Visit to the coves of the Bue Marino. Excursion to the Canyon Gorroppu and Village Nuragique Tiscali.

Oprema - Apartman za odmor CALA GONONE - SARDEGNA

Stambeni prostor 1Trpezarija, Televizor
Spavaća soba 11 Dupli kreveti, Lampa / svjetiljka za čitanje, Noćni stočić, Zatamnjen
Spavaća soba 23 Zasebni kreveti, Lampa / svjetiljka za čitanje, Noćni stočić, Zatamnjen
Spavaća soba 32 Zasebni kreveti, 1 Kreveti za bebe, Lampa / svjetiljka za čitanje, Noćni stočić, Zatamnjen
Kuhinja 16 Mjesta za sjedenje, Amerikanska kuhinja, 1 Štednjak, Štednjak na gas, Peć, Hladnjak, Hladnjak za duboko zamrzavanje, Espreso stroj, Pribor za spremanje jela dostupan
Kupatilo i WC 1Tuš kabina, Umivaonik, Bide, Dnevno svjetlo, Ogledalo, Sušilo za kosu
Kupatilo i WC 2Kada, Umivaonik, Bide, Dnevno svjetlo, Ogledalo
Mogućnosti za parkiranjeJavni parking

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RokNoćTjednuMjesecTip sezone
18. Prosinac - 09. Travanj ---3.848 kn ---
09. Travanj - 28. Svi ---4.618 kn ---
28. Svi - 18. Lipanj ---5.388 kn ---
18. Lipanj - 02. Srpanj ---6.157 kn ---
02. Srpanj - 16. Srpanj ---7.697 kn ---
16. Srpanj - 30. Srpanj ---8.466 kn ---
30. Srpanj - 27. Kolovoz ---10.775 kn ---
27. Kolovoz - 03. Rujan ---6.927 kn ---
03. Rujan - 17. Rujan ---5.772 kn ---
17. Rujan - 01. Listopad ---5.388 kn ---
01. Listopad - 05. Studeni ---4.618 kn ---
05. Studeni - 31. Prosinac ---3.848 kn ---

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