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Apartman za odmor Beringe 't Witte Huis
Apartman za odmor

Kuća za odmor Lottum Zwaanenhof

Kuća za odmor Lottum
Fotografija 1
OpisZwaanenhof Terasa Terasa
Veranda Veranda
Travnjaci Travnjaci
Bez pogleda Bez pogleda
Priroda Priroda
Nepušači Nepušači
Kućni ljubimci dozvoljeni Kućni ljubimci dozvoljeni
Obiteljski Obiteljski
Pogodno za invalidska kolica Pogodno za invalidska kolica
Vrsta objektaKuća za odmor
Mjesto NL-5973pv Lottum
Limburg - Nizozemska

Posjed1-4 Osobe
DolazakPo, Pe

Opis Kuća za odmor Lottum


Stay in a cozy atmosphere in the holiday-house Zwaanenhof in the picturesque
village Lottum North Limburg, famous as the village of roses, with the river
the Maas and the beautiful park "Schuitwater" nearby.

The cottage has been tastefully decorated. You have a private terrace with a large
flower garden and playground. In the summer you can use the heated swimming pool.
Just across the border with Germany, you can visit cozy towns like Straelen and Goch,
the historical Xanten and discover the famous pilgrim-town Kevelaer.

With the ferry across the river is Arcen with the Castle Gardens, the thermal baths nearby
You can also visit the Hertog Jan brewery with several special beers.

The cities of Maastricht, Roermond and Venlo, and the vibrant city of Düsseldorf
and the Oberhausen shopping center "CENTRO" are fun to be visited by car.

In the varied landscape with forests and meadows, moors and fens one can
endless walke and cycle on very well-marked bicycle and hiking trails.

These routes bring you in the spring-time along asparagus-fields and in the summer
along fields with fragrant roses and the villages round river the Maas,
where you can visit of course one of the terraces to enjoy a cold beer,
a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee with the wellknown Limburgse vlaai.

Also, come enjoy this delightful and relaxing environment.

See you in our Village of Roses Lottum.

Oprema - Kuća za odmor Lottum

Stambeni prostor 125 m², Kutna garnitura, Trpezarija, Laminat, Tepih, Kuhinjska oprema, Televizor
Spavaća soba 112 m², 2 Zasebni kreveti, Lampa / svjetiljka za čitanje, Noćni stočić, Zatamnjen
Spavaća soba 212 m², 1 Dupli kreveti, 1 Kreveti za bebe, Lampa / svjetiljka za čitanje, Noćni stočić, Zatamnjen
Mogućnosti za parkiranjePrivatni parking prostor na posedu
GrijanjeTopla voda, Centralno grijanje
Elektronika za održavanjeTelevizor, DVD-Player, Kabelska televizija
DrugoBazen, Stroj za pranje rublja, Sušionica, Vrtni namještaj, Vrtni roštilj, Pegla, Dječija igračka

Cijene & Vrste plaćanja

RokNoćTjednuMjesecTip sezone
03. Siječanj - 29. Travanj ---2.654 kn ---
29. Travanj - 01. Srpanj ---3.602 kn ---
01. Srpanj - 02. Rujan ---4.360 kn ---
02. Rujan - 28. Listopad ---3.602 kn ---
28. Listopad - 24. Prosinac ---2.654 kn ---
24. Prosinac - 08. Siječanj ---3.602 kn ---

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