Vakantiehuis Ulvik - Bortom naar boven

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Mijnheer Magne T à˜ydvin
47 56 526466
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Vakantiehuis Ulvik - Bortom

Vakantiehuis Ulvik
Foto 1
AanduidingBortom Direct aan het water/zee Direct aan het water/zee
Terras Terras
Natuur Natuur
Huisdieren toegestaan Huisdieren toegestaan
soort objectVakantiehuis
Plaats NO-5730 Ulvik
Hordaland - Noorwegen

Bewijs1-2 Personen
AankomstZa, Zo, Ma, Di, Wo, Do, Vr

Tuin25 m²

Beschrijving Vakantiehuis Ulvik

This traditional Norwegian Hytte is located in an idyllic location on the North-West facing bank of the Osafjord, near the fruit-growing region of Ulvik, and the magnificent Hardangervidda plateau.
It constitutes a perfect retreat, and an ideal as a base for hiking. A narrow sheep track winds its way steeply from the cabin to the mountain plateau more than a thousand metres above. Babbling streams thread across the wooded mountainside and waterfalls are plentiful.
A thirteen foot open boat with outboard motor is included in the price, and this affords the only direct access to the isolated cabin, across the 1km wide Osafjord.
The cabin, and its facilities are basic, something that will doubtlessly appeal to those who seek a haven from a synthetic world. This cabin suits those familiar with an outdoor life, who will appreciate the natural romantic beauty of the area and the solitude it offers.
The cabin itself has one room, and two beds. The facilities include a gas hob, oil lamp, wood-burning stove, table and chairs. The cabin retains its original charm with no electricity or running water. Bed linen, kitchen utensils and wood for the stove are included.
A sink with running water has been installed on a terrace outside the cabin, and is fed from a powerful mountain stream. The toilet is located in an uninhabited partner hytte, about 10 metres away - otherwise used as temporary storage for sheep as they are brought down to the pastures for the winter.

Inrichting - Vakantiehuis Ulvik


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00. Undefined - 31. December ---320 € ---
00. Undefined - 00. Undefined ---390 € ---
01. Januari - 00. Undefined ---320 € ---


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