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The first thing that surprised me about Sardinia is the number of languages that are normally used on the street. I had heard Italian before, but they speak it slightly differently, aside from speaking other tongues...

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The United States is quite a varied place to visit; although it's all the same country, each state has its own traditions, history, typical foods, and culture in general - just like it happens in many other countries. We had previously visited the US, but as you can probably guess, we didn't quite visit each of the states....

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Mallorca is the biggest of all Balearic Islands, and the variety is huge. When I say variety, I mean a variety of history, culture, food, people, and activities to perform. It's an extremely popular destination, being one of the busiest airports in Spain. During 2016, the number of passengers closed at over 26 million. ....

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Crete is the biggest Greek island (and a very popular touristic destination), so we figured we'd start this season's traveling experience there. We couldn't be any happier with our decision, it was amazing....

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Tenerife Island

Our trip to the Canary Islands started with no less than Tenerife, the biggest of all 7 sister islands. Tenerife had a huge variety of activities and diversions to offer; no matter how long you stay, you'll always have new places to visit. This Atlantic isle has a considerable amount of beaches ...

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We had been wanting to go to Berlin for quite some time now, but certain circumstances hadn't allowed us to. Finally, we managed to make it into German grounds. Our first impression was very good...

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Madrid is the perfect place to blend into the Spaniard culture. During our trip, we got to visit some of the most attractive destinations of the whole country here. This city had a large variety of attractions that suit just about any preference. It also promotes cycling and counts with the exclusive structures and lanes for bicycle tourism...

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Our second trip to the Italy. We had already been to Rome, so we decided to switch things up this time. Sicily is the largest (and probably nicest) island of the Mediterranean region. The touristic diversity and interesting historical backgrounds are things to admire. ..

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Roadtrip Kalifornien

It has always been my dream to take a road trip through California, but I never had the money nor the time. A few months ago I finally managed to save enough together, so that was the beginning of a 3 weeks long vacation, mostly spend on asphalt, in the desert and in the heart of beautiful sceneries. ..

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Urlaub auf Lolland

Our family of four had some extra days to spend during our summer vacation in July 2016, so a short 3 days trip to the island of Lolland (Denmark) was quickly arranged. Normally we prefer all-inclusive luxury hotels but this time we decided to try something different...

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Parking at Schiphol Airport

When you travel by Airplane you have to find a way to reach the airport. In the case of Schiphol Airport you can reach the airport easily by train, taxi or simply park your car....

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