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Bicycling holiday - active holiday in Denmark

bicycle holiday

Active holidays are becoming more and more popular. When planning the upcoming vacation, why not consider a cycling holiday where you explore fantastic landscapes with the wind in your face and with plenty of exercise sitting in the bike saddle and pedaling. All you need as a bicycle, tent and sleeping bag, then you are ready to go. The right gear is essential, so a purchase of a new bike and equipment can be necessary. If you are short of cash why not consider to lend money in Denmark so you can get the proper gear for your trip. Lending money online is easy and not always as expensive as you could expect.

Another keyword is light-packing. The limited space available on a standard bicycle demands efficient packaging. Lightweight equipment is recommendable and tries to limit the amount of clothes and accessories that you need to bring. You may need to consider buying or rent a bicycle trailer - especially if you take the trip with young children.

The perfect cycling country

Denmark is known as a cycling nation and offers plenty of beautiful cycling routes. The flat landscape with no mountains makes cycling ideal. The larges hill in Denmark is not more than 171 meter above sea level.

Further there are plenty of options for camping out in the open in some of the free public night shelters or more comfortable at campsites, hostels or bed and breakfasts.

This small country with a population of no more than 5 million citizens consists of more than 400 small islands. A good infrastructure with plenty of roads, cycle paths and ferries makes it easy to travel on two wheels.


One of the most bicycle-friendly island is the island Bornholm. The island of Bornholm is located in the Baltic Sea - to the east of the rest of Denmark, south of Sweden and northeast of Germany and north of Poland - occupying an area of 588 square kilometers. The island is known as the "sunshine island" and with plenty of children friendly bicycle routes the island is perfect for a bicycle trip for the whole family.

Bornholm Church

Bornholm also offers plenty of sights and attractions. Discover, among other things, Hammershus castle ruin, let yourself be overwhelmed by the magnificent nature of the Echo Valley, experience the unique historical circular churches found only on Bornholm, relax in the amusement park "Brendergårdshaven" and take a detour to small historic rocky island "Christiansø", the easternmost point in Denmark.

When you're done with today's experiences and bike rides, you can relax in the sun with Bornholm's famous "Krølle-bølle" icecream.

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