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Park your car cheap nearby Schiphol Airport

When you travel by Airplane you have to find a way to reach the airport. In the case of Schiphol Airport you can reach the airport easily by train, taxi or simply park your car.

In this article we give you some useful tips to park your car on an easy and cheap way! For acquiring this information we consulted the Dutch website:

Smart Parking Schiphol Airport P3

At most Airports they have different areas were the travellers could park their car. The cheapest and most often-used car parking at Schiphol Airport is Schiphol Smart Parking . This car parking area is also called 'Schiphol P3'. The costs of this parking area is €49.50 for 8 days. For this price the shuttle bus is included and is available 24 hours a day. You will reach the departure hall at the airport within 10 minutes.

Park your car cheaper nearby the airport

It is also possible to park your car around Schiphol Airport. This is a lot cheaper, especially in the summer months. The prices for P3 can rise from €49.50 to €89.50 for 8 days. If you want to book this type of Schiphol Parking you can click on this link. Within the price a shuttle bus is included for 24 hours a day. There are also other services available, which are a lot faster than shuttle parking. This service is called: Valet Parking.

The convenience of valet parking

When you don't want to lose too much of your time, Valet parking is a perfect sollution. This way of parking is a bit more expensive but is a lot easier. You drive your car right in front of the departures hall and ring the driver 20 minutes before your expected time of arrival. After your car has been checked you walk right into the departure hall. When you take the plane back to Schiphol, you call your driver after you have picked up your luggage and he waits with your car in front of the arrival hall.

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