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Short trip to Lolland, Denmark

Story by: Family Bech, Denmark
Published: October 5th 2016

Our family of four had some extra days to spend during our summer vacation in July 2016, so a short 3 days trip to the island of Lolland (Denmark) was quickly arranged. Normally we prefer all-inclusive luxury hotels but this time we decided to try something different.

We booked a small apartment at “Den gamle gaard” (The old farm) located near the city of Nysted. An old farmhouse rebuilt to include around 50 separate apartments.

The apartment was perfect for the four of us and had all we needed. But best of all, the common facilities included an outdoors swimmingpool. Not bad when the sun shined from morning to late evening and the temperature was 27 degrees.

We also booked breakfast to the stay. To our surprise there was no morning buffet. Instead the friendly staff supplied us with a large breakfast basket with everything you can imagine. And plenty of everything. In fact when leaving after three days our refrigerator was completely stuffed with leftovers, which could feed our family for at least another week.

The good thing about Lolland was the size. With only 1200 km2 the distances to everything was very short and newer more than 20 km to the sea. But what surprised us all was the quietness. Even though we was in mid July we did not noticed many tourists and driving around on the island you could drive many minutes without meeting anyone.

We visited the “Knuthenborg Safari Park” - one of the largest safari parks in northern Europe.

It should include more than 1200 animals (70 species). But perhaps it was the heat that made many of the animals hide in the shadow. Our experience of the park was average and our animal interested children were a bit disappointed afterwards. Only the many Pokestops saved the day.

Much better was the visit to many of Lollands market towns : Maribo, Sakskøbing, Nykøbing and Nysted.

All towns are small cozy towns with old houses, shopping opportunities and good cafes and restaurants.

On the last day we drove past “Møns klint” - a 6 km long chalk cliff with a height of 120 meter.

An astounding nature element that can take your breath away. Unless the 500 steps up and down the stairs do it first. There is no entrance fee to "Møns klient". Only parking costs a small fee.

In conclusion, our first visit to Lolland was very good and some day we might go back.

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