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 Ferienwohnungen Lang in Königsleiten Ferienwohnungen Lang in Königsleiten
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> Zell am See (Pinzgau)
Apartment, 10 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

 Skihütten Lang in Hochkrimml Skihütten Lang in Hochkrimml
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> Zell am See (Pinzgau)
Apartment, 14 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

 Ferienwohnung Kaltenleitner Ferienwohnung Kaltenleitner
Austria -> Lower Austria -> Krems-Land
Apartment, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

 Haus Johanna Appartement Sonnenschein Haus Johanna Appartement Sonnenschein
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
Apartment, 9 Adults, Wi-fi

Haus Florian Terrasse Haus Florian Terrasse
Austria -> Tyrol -> Imst
Apartment, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Haus Florian Balkon Haus Florian Balkon
Austria -> Tyrol -> Imst
Apartment, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Austria -> Tyrol -> Imst
Apartment, 10 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienhaus mit 3 Zimmer Ferienhaus mit 3 Zimmer
Austria -> Tyrol -> Lienz
Villa, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Fewo Lang, Sauna, 6 Pers. Fewo Lang, Sauna, 6 Pers.
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> Zell am See (Pinzgau)
Apartment, 6 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Gartenhotel Rosenhof Gartenhotel Rosenhof
Austria -> Tyrol -> Kitzbühel
Hotel, 5 Adults, Swimmingpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Turm-Hütte Perschlhof Turm-Hütte Perschlhof
Austria -> Styria -> Murau
Villa, 6 Adults, Swimmingpool, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Gastein Ferienwohnung Gastein
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> St. Johann im Pongau
Apartment, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Hohlriederalmhütte Hohlriederalmhütte
Austria -> Tyrol -> Kufstein
Villa, 24 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Glocknerhaus in Kärnten Glocknerhaus in Kärnten
Austria -> Carinthia -> Spittal
Villa, 10 Adults, Swimmingpool, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Schönes Wohnen Schönes Wohnen
Austria -> Tyrol -> Innsbruck-Land
Apartment, 4 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Gästehaus Schrunsblick Gästehaus Schrunsblick
Austria -> Vorarlberg -> Bludenz
Villa, 12 Adults, Wi-fi

Apart Pepi s Ferienwohnungen Apart Pepi s Ferienwohnungen
Austria -> Tyrol -> Imst
Apartment, 7 Adults

Sennhütte Hohlried Sennhütte Hohlried
Austria -> Tyrol -> Kufstein
Villa, 8 Adults, Wi-fi

CITY SUNSET > Flair in Centre CITY SUNSET > Flair in Centre
Austria -> Vienna -> Margareten
Apartment, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Napoleonvilla in Kärnten Napoleonvilla in Kärnten
Austria -> Carinthia -> Spittal
Villa, 16 Adults, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Austria -> Carinthia -> St. Veit
Apartment, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Haus Sonnseite Haus Sonnseite
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
Apartment, 5 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienhaus Johann Ferienhaus Johann
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> Zell am See (Pinzgau)
Villa, 13 Adults, Wi-fi

Landhaus Sonnblick Landhaus Sonnblick
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
Apartment, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

-Kärnten - Ferienhaus Plozner -Kärnten - Ferienhaus Plozner
Austria -> Carinthia -> Hermagor
Apartment, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Appartmenthaus Martina Appartmenthaus Martina
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
Apartment, 7 Adults, Wi-fi

Feriendorf Wildschönau Feriendorf Wildschönau
Austria -> Tyrol -> Kitzbühel
Villa, 6 Adults

Ferienhaus Mitsche Ferienhaus Mitsche
Austria -> Carinthia -> Hermagor
Villa, 16 Adults, Wi-fi

Haus Kaiserblick-FEWO-3 Haus Kaiserblick-FEWO-3
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
Apartment, 4 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Appartementhaus Renate Appartementhaus Renate
Austria -> Area surrounding Salzburg -> Zell am See (Pinzgau)
Apartment, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Apartm.Haydnpark Top 11 Apartm.Haydnpark Top 11
Austria -> Vienna -> Meidling
Apartment, 2 Adults, Wi-fi

Edel Chalet - Zarewitsch Edel Chalet - Zarewitsch
Austria -> Tyrol -> Schwaz
14, 12 Adults, Swimmingpool, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Fleger Appartement GmbH Fleger Appartement GmbH
Austria -> Vienna -> Ottakring
Apartment, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Apartm.Haydnpark Top 1 Apartm.Haydnpark Top 1
Austria -> Vienna -> Meidling
Apartment, 3 Adults, Wi-fi

Exclusive BnB in Vienna Exclusive BnB in Vienna
Austria -> Vienna -> Zentrum
Bed & Breakfast, 10 Adults, Wi-fi, Aircondition

Pension AdlerHorst*** Pension AdlerHorst***
Austria -> Carinthia -> Feldkirchen
Bed & Breakfast, 24 Adults, Swimmingpool, Wi-fi

Vacation in Austria – private vacation rentals

The central lands of Austria, the perfect country for your next summer vacation. With its humid winds and cool temperatures through the whole year, Austria is just the place you want to explore. Surrounded by other countries, Austria is located in the very middle of Europe, making it perfect to visit during a trip on Europe. Luckily for you, our vacation rentals are set and ready to give you a comfortable welcome to this beautiful country, all you have to do is select your favourite vacation home, and enjoy the many activities and places that Austria has for you, your family, your friends, or your significant other.

Sit through the sunset in Vienna, the city of music, internationally known for its musical diversity and traditionalism. Learn everything about Mozart in his birthplace, Salzburg. Go in a skiing trip to the old town of Innsbruck, city of snow. Enjoy the Austrian culture, tradition, art, and theatre in Zell am See; the city of arts. Jump into a hiking or camping adventure in the lands of Klagenfurt, the most beautiful mountains of the whole region, ideal for a calm afternoon with just the sounds of nature.

Visit the Lienz castles to appreciate the medieval structures where the most important historical characters of Austria resided in. Austria is home of very beautiful landscapes and natural destinations, such as the blue water of the Ache Lake, or the frozen mountains of Grossglockner for a hiking adventure. Our vacation rentals are waiting for you, pick the ideal vacation home or apartment that suits you and your group the most. You can’t miss out on the amazing diversity of sports, culture, history, and art that Austria has for you.


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