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Croatia -> Islands -> Hvar
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Croatia -> Islands -> Hvar
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Private vacation rentals in Hvar

PAKLENI (OR PAKLENSKI) OTOCI: Resin Islands (Resin was collected from the pines on the islands in the past) are the prettiest area in the proximity of Hvar if not of the whole Croatian Southern Riviera.
A chain of small woody isles and rocks, dipped in a clear, azure sea, a few resorts and swimming areas in hidden bays, stone terraces facing sun.
HVAR’S SUBMARINE LIFE Divers describe as one of the prettiest in the Mediterranean. The most interesting location is the very end of the western part of the isles - Sitka do Vodnjaka - which is made up of a group of vertical rocks rich in fish and shells. The most impressive among these rocks is “Kampanel” - a narrow rock that streams vertically as a tower from the deepness of 46 m to some 15 m below the sea level.
JEROLIM – a nudist swimming area: The famous and traditional nudist swimming area is situated on the island of Jerolim (which was named after a destroyed 15th century church). There are showers and a restaurant. Access by regular taxi boat from the port of Hvar.
STIPANSKA –a fine swimming bay: a woody bay on the island Marinkovac, with pine woods (and shadow) with a number of shingle beaches, numerous hidden places for relaxed enjoyment of Hvar’s sea and sun and a picturesque submarine life. There are evening events at “Carpe Diem Stipanska”. The area can be accessed by regular taxi boat from the port of Hvar.
ZDRILCA, MLINI; 2 very fine protected bays with beaches and fine restaurants (“Patak”, “Tri Grede”, “Gianni”)
PALMIZANA bay: The oldest and most famous resort of Hvar, where the nautical marina is positioned too. Be aware that there are 2 bays: one on the north side (Palmizana) where the regular taxis boats arrive and leave and the southern bay (Vinogradisce) connected with a wonderful walk way through subtropical nature. Vinogradisce bay, is a spacious bay with a shallow and sandy beach. It is surrounded by thick pine forest, fragrant heather and rosemary bushes and various exotic plants. There are some restaurants and B&Bs. Palmizana can be accessed by taxi boat from the port of Hvar.
Look for the bar-restaurant of Ivan Novak there; you will have a wonderful view on the Southern bay with a nice bar with nests in the olive trees, fine food and some good drinks too. Other fine restaurants are there too.
VLAKA: A traditional local resort on Sv. Klement, the biggest island of Pakleni Otoci. Subtropical landscape, a small bay for swimming, a chapel commemorating the naval battle at Lissa/Vis 1866 and the explosion of a Austrian frigate are awaiting you. Once there was a Roman villa, later a village dedicated to St. Clement. Today, it is destination for those who wish to spend holidays in direct contact with nature and local people. If you wish to experience a local festivity, visit Vlaka on St. Clement’s day, celebrated on the last Sunday in July. Recommended restaurants there are: Tonci Matijevic (he will arrange a transfer, too. Speaks good German and English, one of the best fishermen of Hvar, phone: 00385 21 742 480, reservation necessary) and Dionis. Vlaka can be accessed with your own or a hired boat and with regular taxi boat arrangement.
POKONJI DOL Bay: When walking (or driving with the bike) along the coast, passing by the Franciscan Monastery and “Krizna luka” bay (with gas station) and surrounding the cape “Sv. Kriza”, you will access the southern coast of Hvar and in about 20 minutes walking on an abandoned road arrive in this bay. Nice for swimming and sunbathing. Two small fine restaurants are there, too……. You can walk (only!) further and get to …
MEKICEVICA Bays: There are two shingle beaches and a white rock beach (“Bila punta”), ideal for those who want to enjoy the strength of the sun. There is a small restaurant: ”Robinzon”. The bay can be accessed by regular taxi boat, too.
MILNA Bays: Milna is situated 4 km east of city of Hvar. There are two shingle beaches and a woody and gentle coast where pine-trees, agaves, vineyards and orchards overgrow. Next to the Milna bays there are two other woody bays; Malo and Velo Borce.
Milna is one of the oldest resorts of Hvar, established at the very beginnings of local tourism, and its special country atmosphere is punctuated by an old villa from the 17th century. There are some restaurants in Milna (our choice is a traditional one: “Barba Bozji” on a nice terrace over the sea. Tell Sibe Tudor (our friend) that you are our guests). There is a regular taxi boat connection from Hvar, and it is also accessible by car or on foot.
ZARACE Bays: There are 2 bays (one to the East (Velo Zarace, one to the West: Malo Zarace) with shingle beaches beneath the small, abandoned village of Zarace, situated on the top of a rocky cliff resembling a pirates' stronghold. We like to point out to divers that in these bays picturesque submarine scenery can be found. There is a fine small restaurant “Gego” with own parking-place in the eastern bay Velo Zarace. The bays can be accessed by boat or car.
DUBOVICA Bay: A favourite Hvar resort, situated 12 km east of city, with a large shingle beach and beautiful submarine scenery. We recommend the restaurant “Šime”. Dubovica can be accessed by boat or car.
PISCENA Bay: Piscena is situated east of Dubovica, has a shingle beach. At the moment the restaurant there is closed.
CRVENE STIJENE: (Red Rocks) are a picturesque play of nature. Layers of lime-stone, between which were once layers of breccias, have risen vertically in the ancient geological history of Hvar. The softer breccias layers were washed out by the rain and sea, creating the vertical hollows of a reddish colour that today appears as a gigantic organ streaming from the bottom of the sea.
You can visit them from the taxi boat on your Dubovica excursion.
SVETA NEDILJA: A settlement and resort (16 km east of Hvar) which is best accessed by car via Stari Grad/Jelsa (ca 30 km). A new much shorter road is available but you have to be an adventure type to manage it. There are beautiful small shingle beaches and numerous restaurants and B&Bs. When there, visit the wine cave of Zlatan Plenkovic, one of the best red vine producers in Croatia!
SVETA NEDILJA CAVE: The cave is situated above Sv. Nedilja village. Its size is grand and its interior impressive. In the past, it was used as a refugee place. In 16th century, a small monastery was built there, and remains of it can still be found today. The panorama view from the cave is breathtaking. Visitors can reach the cave on foot from the village of Sveta Nedilja in ca.1 hour uphill. Sun protection for your head is recommended. Don’t forget to take beverages with you!
JAGODNA: A somewhat more distant resort (about 13 km east of Hvar) that can be accessed only by car via Starigrad and Jelsa, with a beautiful beach and several restaurants and B&Bs.
ZAVALA/: Is a remote resort accessible via Stari Grad/Jelsa through a crazy tunnel.
ISLAND OF SCEDRO Taxi boat transfer from Zavala available at 10:00 and 11:00 to the island of Scedro. Go to the bay Moster with an old Dominican monastery, some small houses and the nice guesthouse of Kordic family where you can get fresh fish, lobsters and homemade wine. A small beach in the crystal clean bay is there too. Or proceed to the bay Veli Porat where you will find some restaurants.
When walking along the western quay of the harbour, you will have a wonderful look on the town especially in the afternoon, then you will go round the tip of the harbour (a small Mole is the preferred place for locals to have a short jump in the clear water) and then you will follow the walkway along the coast under the pines of the park with nice views on the “Pakleni otoci” especially at sunset. You can go on up to the bay “Podstine” in about 30 minutes. Fine for families with children.
Hvar town: go up the hill to the cemetery in morning or the late afternoon, a wonderful lookout will honour the done work climbing so many steps.
Don’t forget to visit the fortification “Fortica” above Hvar before sunset, the outlook is breathtaking. A tavern offers beverages and some food.
Stari Grad: you can get there in 20 minutes by car on the new road. Nice old town with the famous summer residence of the renaissance poet Hektorovi?, a must. Visit the museum with remains of old Roman ships just few meters from the Hektorovi? residence.
Velo Grablje: an almost abandoned village in the hills of Hvar island on the old street to Stari Grad, nice for a detour and a walk to see old Dalmatian houses, wine presses, cisterns etc. A small bar offers local vines and refreshments
Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo near Vis/Lissa: We recommend strongly this excursion but only on sunny days with not too much wind. Especially southern and eastern winds could hinder access to the cave. You will never forget this impression! A speedboat leaves in the morning the harbour for this great experience.
Split: The Diocletian palace (UNESCO World heritage) and the narrow streets, the market and the fish market will impress you. Take the catamaran in the morning (7:30 usually, ask in the agency “Pelegrini” on the quay) and come back with Jadrolinija´s catamaran at 14:00 in spring, 15:00 in summer. Don’t forget to buy your ticket for both rides already a day before. Go up the hill Marjan, a wonderful view of the city and the seaside awaits you and a nice coffee shop, too.
Be vigilant in the crowd on the market and the narrow streets of pick pocketing.
Dubrovnik: To us, this city is something so special that it pays off even to go there with a Catamaran for a day. Best would be to visit it for some days!
Bol/ Zlatni rat: on the island of Brac: a wonderful swimming area on the Golden Horn cap. Daily excursions from Hvar
Korcula: an old city surrounded by medieval walls on the island of Korcula.


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