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Chalet Mon Désir Chalet Mon Désir
Switzerland -> Jura -> Freiberge
14, 4 Adults

Switzerland -> Valais -> Visp
Apartment, 6 Adults

Nicole I Nicole I
Switzerland -> Valais -> Brig
Apartment, 5 Adults

3 Zimmer Ferienwohnung 3 Zimmer Ferienwohnung
Switzerland -> Valais -> Sitten
Apartment, 4 Adults

Altes Haus mit modernem Komfor Altes Haus mit modernem Komfor
Switzerland -> Berne -> Frutigen
Villa, 6 Adults

Chalet Romantica Chalet Romantica
Switzerland -> Fribourg -> Veveyse
Villa, 5 Adults, Wi-fi

Chalet  Uf Selden Chalet Uf Selden
Switzerland -> Valais -> Goms
Apartment, 8 Adults

Switzerland -> Valais -> Visp
Apartment, 2 Adults, Wi-fi

Apart Bella Mira Apart Bella Mira
Switzerland -> Grisons -> Inn
Apartment, 15 Adults, Wi-fi

Hotel Badus AG Hotel Badus AG
Switzerland -> Uri -> Andermatt
Hotel, 30 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Erlebnishütte Mauser Erlebnishütte Mauser
Switzerland -> Schwyz
Villa, 15 Adults, Wi-fi

Chalet Z'Gogwaergji Chalet Z'Gogwaergji
Switzerland -> Valais -> Visp
14, 4 Adults, Sauna, Wi-fi

Rustico Auf Burg Rustico Auf Burg
Switzerland -> Ticino -> Locarno
Villa, 4 Adults, Whirlpool, Wi-fi

Terrassenwohnung Terrassenwohnung
Switzerland -> Ticino -> Lugano
Apartment, 2 Adults

Lux. Ferienchalet 7 Pers. Lux. Ferienchalet 7 Pers.
Switzerland -> Grisons -> Davos-Prärttigau
Villa, 7 Adults, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung in Locarno Ferienwohnung in Locarno
Switzerland -> Ticino
Apartment, 2 Adults

Terrassenwohnung Terrassenwohnung
Switzerland -> Ticino
Apartment, 2 Adults

Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof
Switzerland -> Lucerne -> Sursee
Apartment, 20 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienhaus Antigua Ferienhaus Antigua
Switzerland -> Valais -> Visp
Apartment, 5 Adults, Wi-fi

Ski-in Ski-out Chalet Ski-in Ski-out Chalet
Switzerland -> Valais -> Sitten
14, 10 Adults, Wi-fi

Switzerland -> Valais -> Leuk
14, 4 Adults

Fiesch Chalet 4* vrijst. WiFi Fiesch Chalet 4* vrijst. WiFi
Switzerland -> Valais -> Goms
14, 10 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Brissago Ferienwohnung Brissago
Switzerland -> Ticino -> Brissago
Ferienwohnung, 2 Adults

Ferienwohnung Piazzogna Ferienwohnung Piazzogna
Switzerland -> Ticino -> Piazzogna
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Swimmingpool, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Vercorin Ferienwohnung Vercorin
Switzerland -> Valais -> Vercorin
Ferienwohnung, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Adelboden Ferienwohnung Adelboden
Switzerland -> Berne -> Adelboden
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienhaus Nendaz Ferienhaus Nendaz
Switzerland -> Valais -> Nendaz
Ferienhaus, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Faulensee Ferienwohnung Faulensee
Switzerland -> Berne -> Faulensee
Ferienwohnung, 12 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Falera Ferienwohnung Falera
Switzerland -> Grisons -> Falera
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Adelboden Ferienwohnung Adelboden
Switzerland -> Berne -> Adelboden
Ferienwohnung, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Rougemont Ferienwohnung Rougemont
Switzerland -> Vaud -> Rougemont
Ferienwohnung, 2 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Riederalp Ferienwohnung Riederalp
Switzerland -> Valais -> Riederalp
Ferienwohnung, 6 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Engelberg Ferienwohnung Engelberg
Switzerland -> Lucerne -> Engelberg
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Sevelen Ferienwohnung Sevelen
Switzerland -> Saint Gal -> Sevelen
Ferienwohnung, 2 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Villars Ferienwohnung Villars
Switzerland -> Jura -> Villars
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Wi-fi

Ferienwohnung Heidiland/Walensee Ferienwohnung Heidiland/Walensee
Switzerland ->
Ferienwohnung, 4 Adults, Whirlpool, Sauna, Wi-fi

Visit Switzerland – private vacation rentals

Switzerland, with its diverse climates throughout the year and varying between regions is just the perfect candidate for your next vacation trip. Our vacation rentals, both apartments and houses of diverse styles and locations over the country are ready to suit your needs for a comfortable vacation. Surrounded by the Swiss Plateau, The Alps, and the Jura, this country has no direct connection to the coast, and is full of beautiful mountains that rise to the sky, some of them covered by the snowy climates of some of the regions. Being a country with a very high life standard, Switzerland has a great variety of activities to offer you, while you stay in our rental homes enjoying your trip.

This country is home of many great things, mostly known for their army knives, watches, and military builts. Full of natural beauty and biodiversity, Switzerland is ideal for disconnecting from the world and explore the beauty of the flora and fauna found in this region. Stay in our vacation rentals around the country and make sure you visit each of the great landscapes that this country has waiting for you, the amazing Swiss Alps, Cervino, the Leman Lake, the Rin Waterfall, and many other natural attractions scattered all around the beautiful cities of this country.

Make sure you experience the different climates and attractions of each city, each one of them being as amazing as each other. You can as well appreciate the classic style of the country in Ginebra, Lucerna, Berna, Zúrich, and many other amazing cities. Our vacation rentals will receive you with the comfort you need for a proper trip, choose your favourite!


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