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Kohteen tyyppi:Huvila
Varaustilanne:40 Henkilöä
Paikkakunta:Norwegen > Nordland > Vestvågøy

Yhteyshenkilö:Joh. L. Unstad Sjöhus
Puhelinnumero:+47 760 85427
Mainostaja vuodesta huhtikuu 2004
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Saksa Englanti Norja Ranska
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Joh. L. Unstad Sjöhus


Rorbuer LOFOTEN. Maervoll on the island Vestvagoy: rorbucamping in a wild, beautiful and quiet fjord and mountain area at the Atlantic side of the LOFOTEN islands, Norway.

The white seahouse Joh. L. Unstad Sjohus has rorbu rooms with a total of 40 beds for rent, 2-6 beds per room. The seahouse has its own quay with a gorgeous view to the fjord and the proud sea alpine Lofoten mountains Himmeltindene (The Heaven Peaks). The seahouse is spacious with special good opportunities for backpackers, youth groups, hiking groups and other low budget groups.

Situation: on the Lofoten island Vestvagoy (Vestvågøy), 10 km from the Viking museum Lofotr at Borg. Maervoll is situated between Tangstad and Unstad (Unnstad) in Borge parish. Look at photo 1 and 2. You see the peaks Himmeltindene (Himmeltindan) in the fjord Steinfjorden (Steinsfjorden) which divides into the two smaller fjords Tangstadpollen (south) and Mærvollpollen (Mærvollspollen), the last at which the seahouse accommodation is marked off with a circle.

Have a look at the photo with the Viking ship Lofotr, here at Skarvhellodden in Steinfjorden. Behind the ship you see the spacious white seahouse Joh. L. Unstad Sjohus (Johluns) and the connected quay. The reception is above the seahouse in the white house at the village road Mærvollveien 205.

The seahouse was earlier in use for the cod and tusk (brosme) fishery during the winter and summer seasons and had then the name Mærvoll (Maervoll) Produksjonslag. This seahouse is one of the most authentic of its kind on the Lofoten islands. The guests live in the rooms where earlier the fishermen lived during the seasons. The crew of each fishing vessel had their own rorbu room. In the seahouse there are rorbu rooms, rooms to gather for f.i. groups, kitchen facilities, showers and toilets.

Prices: from NOK 300-750 (1-6 persons) per rorbu room per night. A few rorbu rooms have cooking opportunity and bathroom with shower and toilet, but most of them are without these facilities which then are to be found on the corridor.

The final cleaning is not included in the rent. The guest makes the cleaning so that the actual accommodation by the departure is ready for the next guests to come.

If you do not bring with you bed clothes or sleeping bags, bed clothes may be rented for NOK 75/person. Please tell in advance if you need to rent bed clothes.

This area offers great opportunities for fishing, walks and hikes and particularly wonderful views. Nearby the Midnight Sun can be watched from the end of May until the middle of July.

In the bay of Unstad (4 km from the seahouse) - one of Europes best spots for sea surfing is found.

At Borg (10 km from Maervoll) you find the 83 m long Viking museum Lofotr ? a reconstruction of the biggest Viking site ever found in Scandinavia. Among other activities here you may participate in rowing a Viking ship. A Viking festival is arranged in August.

A few hundred meters from the Viking museum ? situated on a hill ? you find the concert-friendly new church of Borge. It was rebuilt in modern shape in 1987 four years after the earlier wooden church from 1898 got lost in a fire. Seen from the northwest direction the church has a shape which in the winter time might represent an irresistible ski jump temptation for Eddy the Eagle.

At Borg you also find café, pub, and grocery with postal service (Spar).

In Bøstad (Bostad or Boestad) ? 12 km from Maervoll ? you find Lofoten Sparebank (the earlier Borge Sparebank) and a grocery and shop with sport articles (L. Barth). Here you also find a second hand car rental.

How to get there: Airplane Oslo-Bodø-Leknes in Lofoten (19 km from Mærvoll). The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) Bergen-Stamsund in Lofoten (35 km from Mærvoll). Train Oslo-Bodø and further to the Lofoten islands with plane, Hurtigruten, ferry or bus/car rental.Train through Sweden to Narvik. Boat/bus/car rental further to the Lofoten islands. The final voyage Leknes-Mærvoll: E-10 Leknes-Liland 11 km (2 km before Borg). Then drive 5 km westwards along Steinfjordveien and Unstadveien and through a 400 meters tunnel. After having passed the tunnel you see the white Joh. L. Unstad sjøhus (seahouse) far away in the fjord, 3 km from the tunnel.

The bus stop for Maervoll is only 50-100 m from the seahouse. Bus information for Maervoll you find by consulting telephone +47 177, (Maervoll: route 18-764 Borg-Eggum-Unstad), www.177nordland.no/

The taxi station for Vestvagoy at Leknes has telephone number (+47) 760 82911.

Car rent: you might rent old cars ("rent-a-wreck") at Borg Bruktbilutleie, now to be found in Hagvåg in the Bøstad area. If no free old cars there, we will by request help you with information concerning other such old car firms. New cars are for rent in Leknes and Stamsund (Hertz, Europcar and Avis).


Asuinpinta-ala:400 m2
Olohuone 1 :
Keittiö :12 m2, 4 tuolia, Uuni, Jääkaappi, Pakastin, Keittolevyt,
Keittiö :4 m2, 3 tuolia, Jääkaappi, Keittolevyt,
Kylpy & WC 1 :
Makuuhuone 1 :6 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 2 :6 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 3 :6 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 4 :6 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 5 :6 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 6 :5 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 7 :3 henkilön huonetta,
Makuuhuone 8 :2 henkilön huonetta,
Muut huoneet :Terassi,
Lemmikkieläimet sallittu:Ei


Fähre :Stamsund35 km
Lentoasema :Leknes19 km

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